Friday, January 20, 2006

The Necronomicon Of Fatty Books

So RFG has decided (Along with a few of the higher ups) that I am not paranoid enough by what I consume… In order to help further my psychosis I have started a calorie counting journal… I call it Brooks’ Fatty Counting Book… And true to form I have become almost obsessed with knowing exactly how many calories I am consuming so that I might transcribe it into what is sure to become the Necronomicon of Fat Books … as it turns out over the past three days I have been averaging a little less than 1200 hundred calories a day…. Let me tell you… Counting calories is very, very depressing… at a normal breakfast I have about a cup of cereal (usually Raisin Bran Crunch or honey Nut Cheerios..) some skimmed milk a Blueberry muffin and a Gatorade… (Remember I am on to the gym after breakfast it is always important to remember to hydrate your self trough out the day…) any way that all comes to about 670 calories… most of which is from that damn muffin.. how can something that taste so very yummy be so very fattening???? So RFG The SI and I started a new XBOX game today… it isn’t really anything to write home about except that we are all playing on the same screen so some minor hi jinx usually ensue… Anyway I’m very tired so I’m gonna cut this one short… hope you all have a splendid weekend..

Random Fact of the Blog:

Reno, Nevada is actually west of Los Angeles, Ca… no really I looked it up…

Oh and another odd Idahoan Law…. It is against the law to NOT smile in Pocatello, Idaho… Silly Spudsters….

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Gram & Gramps said...

Calories are bad enough. Now we have to check everything for sat. fat, trans fat, fat and cholestoral. That sure emptied the cupboards and refrigerator. It's a good thing we both enjoy lots of soup and salad. And we've found some veggie burgers that are really good and some veggie cheese slices that are surprisingly good. We'll see if it has done any good when we see our doctor in late March.

Get some rest.


Gram & Gramps