Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tug of Me!

So today started off a little rough.. ( I woke up an hour later than I had planned) I spent most of the morning scrambling around making sure everyone's bags were loaded,(by everyone's I mean I made sure my stuff was all secure and tied down underneath the rest of the stuff!!! Grin) We headed out about an Hour after we had originally planned... Which is pretty much when we start every convoy... (not the most discipline in that area.. Or any other area for that matter.) The convoy was not as quiet as we would have liked. Some random passer by chucked a rock at the passenger side of my vehicle and managed to bust the side mirror. There wasn't any other damage or conflict for that matter so we were pleased.. I have this MP3 CD that RFG burned for me right before we left and as it turns out it is the perfect road traveling CD... It has something like 117 songs... And almost all of them are very energy driven... A good third of the CD is Eminem so I am often seen bobbing my head while driving... I was actually a passenger today, which was a nice change of pace... Amazingly I only nodded off once... Or twice. So we ate lunch at Echo again... It was out of the way,again... But the food was better than at duke so it was worth it. So the reason I am feeling so high spirited this evening... When we finally got to our Destination... Camp Scania.. One of the first people I saw was RFG, he said "HI" I squeaked.. we're mushy like that... ( I think he would of normally slugged me. But he missed me too.) Come to think of it he'll probably slug me after he reads this. grin.. So after I Hugged RFG (told you we were mushy) My Platoon Sgt told me and One of the others to down load our gear and the third person would head on to Cedar II.. 2 minutes later the commander came out and told me I was going with him... They actually argued over little ol' me.. Back and fourth for a good 5-10 minutes... Talk about an ego boost...I almost went Sally Fields on them..."You like me... You really like me." (tear) ... So after we did the "tug of me"I stayed here in Scania... With RFG and the Sexy Idahoan... Yea!!!! As a consolation the Commander refused to take anyone else... (I'm special) So instead of making room for two soldiers we had to make room for three.. They are living in tents here. And its a little cramped but they have made the best of it.. Running for God and I spent a majority of the afternoon trying to make room for me.. In the end we decided to share a space and have a common area.. It worked out really well.. And I think we almost have more room than anyone on our side...Yahoo.... So as I sit right now I am completely unpacked for the first time in two months... I have an awesome roommate.. And the Wright Worlders are slowly drifting back together... We are currently in the works to get the Mexican transferred up here.. Give us a couple of weeks we'll figure out something... Before I forget here is my permanent addie... Spc(p) A.J.James Brooks
528th QM Company
Camp Scania
APO, AE 09331

So Although the day started off a little rough it was the first in a long while to end with me excited about tomorrow...
Random Fact of the Day.... Nicolas Cage's first movie was Fast Times at Ridgemont High He is also the nephew of Francis Ford Coppala. The Director of quite a few movies including The Godfather Trilogy.

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Gramps & Gram said...

It will be nice to think of you in one place for awhile. Although we would rather be thinking of you here on O`ahu with us than where you are.

Gramps is finally getting his hernia repaired (the one he had when he went into the Army in '59 - they were supposed to fix it & didn't)so he will be going to same day surgery at Queen's on Dec. 13th and coming home the same day. I will log on to whatever blog that night and let you know he's fine (we know he will be fine-this is a no big deal.

We love you.

Gram & Gramps