Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dozing, and weight training.

You'll have to forgive me this blog is so short because I was passing out from exhaustion as I wrote it. My head just litterally hit the keyboard I'm sure the guy next to me probably thinks I have been drinking... Ah well at least I said hi... ... I worked my first shift at Camp Scania last night... Pretty routine really... It's the Graveyard again. Which is good(except for the fact that I have to once again set my internal alarm.) My body loves me and I probably would be a lot less tired if I hadn't spent more time in the gym in the past two days than I have in an entire week. I am so not joking.. Running For God has had me in the gym 6 of the last 38 hours... Working muscles I swear I was unaware I was supposed to work... Let alone build up. So this is going to be short because I'm really just tired... Near to falling out as I type this... So all things considered this has been a great move. I'm with friends. Even though they spend an excruciating average of three hours a night at the Gym. My muscles are so sore right now I can not even begin to try and explain it . I work with RFG and we replace The Sexy Idahoan do have a few minor gripes... It turns out that after I lefty Cedar there was someone using my name in vain( telling soldiers I will do or have done or said unkind things to and or about them) and it got one of my soldiers very angry about it. He's a good kid so I'm sure he'll be alright. I'm gonna split I'm near passing out here... More to come...

Random Quote of the "If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball... "
Rip Torn ~Dodgeball: a true underdog story

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