Saturday, November 26, 2005

Moving, moving, moving

As it turns out I actually have some news to report today! Some what out of the blue, twenty some odd members of my unit dropped in on us this evening... And in true 528th QM Co. Style and grace told us to be ready to leave by 0830 tomorrow morning... Giving us about thirteen hours... I packed all of my personal belongings inside like ten minutes... All my electronics and DVD's???? Took a freaking hour... I need a new hobby... So I am off to a new location tomorrow.. I'm still not sure where exactly it is that I'm going but I know that the previously stated Address will be shortened if it doesn't stay the same... Once I find out where I am it will be my first priority to get my Snail-mail addie on the next blog...Followed I'm sure by more whining about my new roommate. Grandma Joan and Grandpa Fred, sorry I couldn't get to you any sooner I will do my best. So I was berated with questions today from my co-workers on why I wouldn't approach Casey (AKA Crazy Haired Beauty) and I thought I would share my answers with all of you. Why you ask??? Because this site would be much less interesting if I wasn't publicly flogged every other post... So here are a few of my reasons.. (A) My co-workers are convinced she would not mind a one night er.... uh... tryst... Where as I truly want more than just a singular role in the Hay (for lack of a better metaphor) (B) She has a boyfriend... Or to be more specific she has another life form that hovers with an an arms length of her at all times... (he also glares at me with a pretty strong regularity) (C) I'm pretty sure there both married to different people back home... (both wear wedding rings that are not possibly from the same set... (that happens a lot out here) and (D) Hello leaving Tomorrow!!! I don't want you to get the wrong idea about this girl, as previously stated I haven't said more than three words to her... Actually we did talk a little (another late night computer encounter) but it was light banter and nothing to get you jammies in a bunch... I have a closer relationship with my Nintendogs. (don't ask) All of these reasons are just observations and impressions, not one of them is based in any kind of fact... Except for the boyfriend thing .... Oh and the whole me leaving tomorrow too. By the way I don't know if your aware but the Wright Worlders have the worst communication on the planet... RFG told about your 10k Sexy Idahoan... And if the Mexican does not get off his candy scarfing, coffee drinking, long distance running high horse and write me I will not give him his Christmas present (seasons 1 & 2 of Scrubs) I will watch it all by myself and then throw a fat guy tantrum on top of it. (which consists of lots of foot stomping, jumping up and down lying on my back and crying cuz I can't get up. And of course the obligatory fat jiggles)

Random fact of the day Koalas have almost Identical fingerprints to humans and they have opposable thumbs! Beat that Mr. Monkey. .... No really I looked it up how odd is that????

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