Wednesday, November 16, 2005

MSRP and My Mortal embarrassment... Ofcourse

I finally broke down and bought a chipped X-Box a couple of days ago... It cost me a little more than I wanted to pay but I rationalize that If I hadn't bought it.... I would be spending 50 dollars a game for every game that happened to catch my fancy... For example... I picked up 5 brand new games all that came out with in the last two months and instead of paying the 250 dollars it would of normally cost me I got the Hodji burned version for three bucks a piece... Not to shabby if I do say so myself... I do how ever find it mildly amusing that I refuse to purchase Hodji DVD's and would rather pay the full MSRP,on the principle that its stealing... And yet doing the same thing for a Video game doesn't have any effect on me what so ever... Shrug. So you remember that girl I mentioned in the last post? Well apparently A couple of the guys I work with are so amazed that I even acknowledge her that they have made it their mission while we're here to get the two of us together (their words) realistically one of two things are gonnna happen... She is going to be flattered but already in a relationship... Or two I will be mortally embarrassed for the rest of the coming year... I would say no bet.... My complete and total embarrassment will only serve to amuse them so that the Crazy haired beauty will continue to haunt me long after I leave this not so Enchanted land. Oh Joyous Day... Hmmm Turkey Day is Rapidly approaching this is one of the two Holidays that always amuse me while I'm out of country... The Other Being Independence Day... If you think about it... None of the locals give a rats tail about an American Holiday. And yet they go through the same old song and dance they do at every Holiday... Over decorating everything they possibly can... I can only imagine what they must think of us as we walk past them in the serving line everyday... Well I have a phone call to make so I'm gonna cut this one a little short...

Random thought of the day: Every day starts out with one similarity It will only be as good as you make it.

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running for god said...

Well at least someone is stepping up to be a man for you. On the same token it is probably good that you aren't going to be there much longer, after your mortified that is.