Friday, November 04, 2005

Meaningless dribble, but you love it.

The past three days have been very, very boring. We were kind of fired from our job.... Well that isn't true we weren't fired we were replaced by civilian contractors that told us they could handle it and to leave them the hell alone... In less colorful ways. The only problem here being that our leadership wants us to stay here. With nothing to do... I buy movies... Lots and lots of movies. So basically I have spent the past few days watching the entire series of Tru Calling It has that girl from Bring it on Eliza Dushku so very pretty... What I mean is she is freaking hottttt....5 t's hot. That's huge and Jason Priestly comes in mid season as the Antagonist... A lot of fun.... Basic premise.... People die untimely deaths..... Tru is a med student that ends up working the graveyard shift in a morgue in Boston, wrongful dead come in.. And when she sees them they whisper her name and ask her to help them... If you thought that was odd wait till you hear what happens next...... Her day is rewound to when she woke up and she has a limited amount of time (you know till they die) to find out who they are and the circumstances of their death... Priestly's character comes in and muddles... But I wont blow the surprise. It really was a very good show but I guess fox cancelled it because they can't have that kind of thing on their record... You know a show with a fan base. So I have been having A lot of old friends pop up out of nowhere recently.... Two friends I haven't spoken to in almost 4 years another in three... It has been really great.... So hey Wright worlders you know that thing about me we don't talk about much???? Head honcho and I talked about it today.... RFG he thinks similarly to you... I thought he was gonna smack me... Shrug enough about that. I was up something like 33 hours and I have no idea why I couldn't fall asleep... Man I was grumpy though... Today I was all snappy so I stayed in my room... I wish I had the power to rewind time and help someone alter their life just enough to make a difference . I dunno it seems like a really cool thing... Tomorrow I'm off to find another show... hmmm hope I find a long one we could be here a while.... HI new comers feel free to read past posts you could learn A lot.... Hi Swooshie!!!!!!!!! And Ming And Mango!!!!!!!!

Random question of the blog... Do undercover cops sleep under the sheets?????


bill hull said...

sounds like all is well with you, well all excpt for the leg thing. life here in ill. is good, you are on my mind. just wanted ya to know i was thinking, and praying for you. keep up the faith.......bill

old said...

missed your call.... in the garage and mom is at work. oh yea, mom is working again, i'll send ph# later and best time to call. i'm chilling with nirvana and modest mouse tunes... ahsta

Running For God said...

Fox show not having a fan base!!!! Have you heard of the Simpsons, Family Guy, Married with Children, In living Color, 21 Jump Street? Some of the biggest shows of all time and some of the largest cult followings of all time. Family Guy cam back because fans showed so much support for it. Tru Calling not even a blip on the radar. One script of Tru Calling isn't worthy to be toilet paper for Al Bundy. You must be out of you damn mind, Fox not having a fan base, Fox sets the standard, no to hell with that Fox is the standard.