Monday, November 07, 2005

Brighter Tomorrows

Have you ever had a day that you thought couldn't get any worse??? Have you ever thought that at 815 in the morning??? On the same track have you had to repeatedly tell yourself over the course of the day that it couldn't get any worse than it is at that current point only to hear yourself repeating it once again? That was my day yesterday... I can't go into complete details both for security reasons and mainly to keep myself from looking like the complete tool that I am. Yesterday morning I woke up around 0730 . I woke up, I stretched, I did normal wake up things, after I was completely dressed I was about to walk out of my room when I realized I didn't have a vital item that I should of had... As I said I can't or rather wont say what was missing... But suffice to say... You don't wanna lose it. I tore off towards the restroom... And a few of the other areas that I was the night before. I couldn't find it. I went higher up told my boss what was going on... Needless to say he was less than thrilled... So then we all searched for the missing item... 1hour and 22 minutes after I awoke we had the item. Turns out someone was trying to be funny... (So this is one of those things that are SO NOT FUNNY) Needless to say this could of been very bad... And to prove this point I was smoked (uh most of you know PT. "Smoked is vigorous PT for as long as the NCO deems necessary.) Before my smoking there was a huge blow up between a few of the different personnel... For which later during a very long sunken session I will eventually be blamed. So I was smoked for something like 51/2 hours... No joke.. Not good. Now I don't know how long most of you have known me but I have this amazing ability to get mouthy regardless of the circumstance that I am in. Which didn't help my problem at all I'm sure... So all day yesterday until I went to bed I was doing stupid little missions all the while I was carrying a 10ft black 2x4 as a reminder, I filled sandbags I did police calls, I got MRE's (a side note I didn't actually eat until a late dinner I was not in good shape.. ) I took everything out of my room and set it up the same way outside.. Including wall locker and bed and then I had to put it all back and all of this was before the smoking session at the end of the day I was told I was going to be made an example of . In order to make sure no soldiers would actually lose any items they were going to push this as far as it could go. I basically went to sleep fearing that I would soon either lose rank or money all off of someone else's mistake. I am not trying to place the blame I was responsible for that. I accept the responsibility it just seemed a bit harsh you know??? This morning I woke up and it is like yesterday was just a bad dream (accept that my muscles are screaming to make sure I know that it was real) ... What a difference a day makes.... So on a happier note I literally hid in my trailer all day watching the first and second season of Las Vegas. A great show.

Random fact of the day Cincinnati Bengals are 7 wins and 2 losses best streak in almost 15 years...

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Supreme Leader of the PRM said...

How many FUCKING times are you going to forget your freaking weapon? GOD, whadda you have fucking Alzheimers or something?