Tuesday, November 01, 2005

All Hallows Day

Nov 1st.
Halloween has come and gone... The first of many holidays that we will see pass by with out so much as a slight notion of the fact that it is anything other than a normal day... I think I have mentioned our belief before. When you are serving in Iraq everyday is Tuesday, Because you worked the day before and you still have a full week of work ahead of you.... It sounds kind of pessimistic, but eh it is. The sand isn't very conducive to optimism. They (they being the Dfac personnel and The MWR people) Did their best to amuse us.... The Dfac was decorated almost to the point of nauseum.... (the severs were wearing Halloween themed Dunce caps) and MWR threw a little dance thing. I really don't know anyone that went to it... And I think that is for a couple of reasons... A.... There are close 1500 soldiers on this post.... Maybe less maybe more... Of those 1500 there are like maybe 100 females.... And that is probably an exaggeration... Of those Hundred or so females... You can bet that at least 35% of them are married, engaged or you know "seriously committed". Of the remaining 65% at least half of that are either officers or too old or both....(eww) so that's like 1400 hundred guys and something like 33 girls give or take.... That isn't even considering the fact that we work 24 hours, so some of those females could likely be working during the dance itself... And B. Hello are we going to dance in our Desert Uniform in our clunky boots... Or in our P.T.'s maybe? All while still carrying our freaking weapons. It was a nice effort though.. So I have a new video game addiction that I am some what ashamed to admit... I have been playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 for the past couple of days, and I am not too bad, I played with one of the KBR (civilian) guys yesterday and won the game 20 under par... I was so proud of myself... Obviously because I even told all of you.... I have heard a rumor that I will not be heading to Scania after we are done here. It is currently just a rumor but I could be heading back towards Cedar II or Tallil which would be great because I have friends in both those camps.... I was told to continue sending my mail to Scania though so who knows. Oh yeah before I forget.... I managed to mangle my leg up a little bit a couple of nights ago... It isn't all that bad but I did rip my pants and cut my mid-thigh pretty good... I tripped over a grounding rod, or rather the grounding rod grabbed my thigh and threw me to the ground.... As I said, obviously I am fine but my leg is sore as the dickens ( I really like that expression) They shortened my 12 hour shift into an 8 hour shift.. which could be good or bad. I now have four more hours that I have to find to fill... (today I slept almost ten hours...) I hope you are all doing wonderfull and I hope you are all writing me snail mail it is so much fun to get....

Random Movie Quote of the Day.. "It's funny the things a young man remembers, like I don't remember my first Christmas or the first meal I ate. I do remember the first time I heard the sweetest voice I'd ever Known..." Forest Gump on first meeting his jenny.- Forest Gump

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running for god said...

I have always prefered it when nobody does anything to bring it to my attention that once again I will not be at home with my loved ones for a holiday. No decorations, no dressing up, nothing. Just another day, all days are Iraqi day and I would rather it be just that. One long horrible day.