Saturday, December 03, 2005

A Confession

I am a nerd. It isn't any kind of news, more of an obvious statement. There are hundreds of things any of you could bring up that would validate my opinion... Anyone that has known me for longer than a week knows me as a closet tree hugging hippy. (As RFG and the Sexy Idahoan are so often referring me to) I love to read... I love movies,all movies good ones not so good... And even some that are just not good. I would do anything if it meant helping one of my friends. I often find myself in a situation where I am helping others and I wonder if I'm trying to hard. I have been watching Scrubs the past couple of days... That show is one of the funniest comedy sitcoms I have ever seen. Some people have referred to it as ER's nerdy little brother... While it is set in a Hospital this show is nothing like ER its funny... And I like it. The main character reminds a couple of my friends of me. Except he's skinny and has an incredible blonde bombshell that's madly in love with him. As I told you before I am now a resident of Camp Scania.... I really like it here... Two of my good friends are here and I actually have a job as opposed to the Idea that I should. There are a few creepy things here and there... Like take for example the 5 foot Cross with "Slim" written on it which has been creeping me out every time I look at it. As the story was told to me, the Unit before us had adopted a stray dog and named it Slim... Apparently they liked him so much they put a cross up in his memory.... Here is my slightly insensitive question... If they liked him so much.... Why didn't they FEED him???? That isn't fair I don't know how he died... But it is creepy... Another little thing that makes me uneasy... Some of the women here, they look as though they are starting to really enjoy all of the gawking... There are a couple of KBR female civilians that are dressing as though they are headed out to a club. It is all very odd. There is a slight possibility that I could be headed back to Camp Duke... I don't really know the reason behind it. I think someone said it had something to do with our Battalion and KBR not getting along... I talked to my platoon Sgt and asked him if someone else could go in my stead... Well that's what it sounded like in my head... In reality I waited to speak to him for an hour and when I finally was able to I lost my nerve and mumbled some dribble about already had a chance to have a trailer, would really like to stay here, and work out with my friends. More on that as it develops....

Random thought of the Day: You may be only one person in the world,
but you may also be the world to one person... gee aren't I just swell?


Gram & Gramps said...

You'd better stay put until the package that will be on its way in a couple of days gets there. Gramps has to do his decorative thing with the envelopes and I still have a couple of things to pick up before I can pack everything and get it to the Post Office. We are way behind on everything to do with the holidays because of all of the work we have been doing on the Xmas Show - 12/10 & 12/11. Adn, we're vey aware that we have to get everything done before the show because Gramps will be having his hernia repaired the following week.

Yes you are just swell. Wouldn't it be great if everyone in the family could all gather here in Hawai`i for a holiday sometime? Let's work on it.

Love Gram & Gramps

sexy idahoan said...

slim was shoot in the head by the post commander. now go cry about girl. ha ha dont you feellike an insensitive little panzie. you damn hippie.