Thursday, November 10, 2005

Random Acts And Broken Promises

Let me ask you a question. Do you think a person should want to be recognized for random acts of Kindness??? It was brought to my attention recently that I am a behind the scenes person. I was told all I do is talk, that I never actually take any action I just encourage others to help themselves. I was under the impression that was a good thing. And then tonight one of my guys was really worried about his Grandfather (who has been very ill for a long while now) and he just started talking to me about everything he was thinking... We sat next to the Volleyball court for 45 minutes while he basically poured his heart out. I want everyone to know they can come to me when they need someone to talk to, but how will they know to do that if I merely exist in the shadows? Any Ideas??? It has been relatively quite the past few days. We have had more of the same old run around. No one seems to know when we are leaving this little camp. When we first departed Cedar II they promised us it's only be for 5 days or so and here it is going into our 21st day... I think I count too many things... By that I mean I count everything.... I was cleaning my weapon today and I realized I was counting how many times my brush touched the weapon... (in the end it was 324 times) I find myself looking for patterns in everyday situations, but because I said that I can not think of another example. I finished watching Las Vegas that is really a great show and each episode really stands on its own... You could jump in at any time its on NBC on Mondays I think. You all should check it out... I am now almost thru the first season of Roswell that's another great show... Do you see how much free time I have???? This however is not a show you could jump into at any moment lots of deep story lines....Kinda gives me a little bit of a headache trying to keep track of all the different plot twists.. If any of you Wright Worlders has any idea about our mail situation I would greatly appreciate some information.... Infact if all of you Wright Worlders don't get off your bums and write me an email soon I might just have a little pout session. I started running again yesterday... Like actually running for numerous miles... Well three is more than one right???? I even managed to do it again today... My new mission is to go to the gym and run the same day.. I get lazy and all hot and sweaty when I run and then all I want to do is Shower and drink lots and lots of odd tasting cool bottled water, and then lay in my bed and vegetate. I have been playing volleyball a lot recently and I'm actually getting pretty good at it. I should say I'm getting better... When I started playing I was arguably the worst player in the history of the game now I'm only mildly terrible. Grin... Did you know you have to hit it over the net every time in order for it to count who's crazy Idea was that little rule???

Random thought of the Day... Much like Ebony and Ivory were side by side on Stevie Wonders Keyboard Las Vegas and Roswell are side by side on my TV.


Britt's Blog said...

I just received your comment on my blog and I can honestly say that it made my day! I often wonder if anyone reads my entries (not that it matters, most of the entries are my random thoughts or what happens to be on my heart at that given moment) but it's always nice to get a comment. What's even nicer is when the comment comes from a complete stranger! I hope you've enjoyed the entries and I look forward to reading yours from here on out. Thanks for all you are doing to serve our country over there! And a special thanks from my heart for what you all are doing to protect the way we live. I sleep easier at night because of your sacrafice and I'm forever grateful! Keep up the great work over there and I'll try to keep things light hearted and humorous over here! Have a great day!

running for god said...

Why do you keep watching such crap shows when there are shows like the Sopranos, and Nip/Tuck out there?