Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sleepy Forces

I did something today that I promised I would never do... Not on my own accord anyway... No I didn't take a life... No I didn't kiss a beautiful sleeping woman (why? What did you hear?) I went voluntarily to the gym and worked out... Please hold your gasps until the end of the program... So yeah I have no idea why but for some reason I decided after work this morning that I should go run a little on the treadmill... After I ran my little heart out I decided I should do some push ups and sit ups (60 each. I am an animal) and then as I was walking towards the exit I decided to do some light weight reps (my arms hurt like the dickens) so lets see I suggest that you all go out and rent She gets what she wants It has that girl from Coyote Ugly and it is very funny. Oh yeah I bought a little 13" TV/DVD combo set yesterday so that I could watch a movie and or play some xbox. I bought like 7 movies and pretty much all of them are chick flicks.... eh what can you do? It has come to my attention that I have like the worst grammar. eh, sie la vie... I have an address if you would al like to jot it down... It will be sent to Scania and then eventually on to us... If there are any changes I will be sure to update you all

Spc James Brooks
528 Qm Co.
Camp Scania
Apo, AE 09331

I have been spending the last few days trying to get my sleep schedule in some kind of pattern... And so today I went to sleep around noon the only problem was that I didn't wake up until almost 730 which is no good because that meant I was way late for work.... My Boss told me I was the Platoon Leader of the Sleepy forces... Which I suppose if you take in my whole Sleeping while driving and my almost narcoleptics like sleep habits is understandable, The sleepy forces joke is kind of a running joke one of my young soldiers is always talking about how he wants to go SF (special forces) Which if you know this kid is just the funniest damn thing on the planet. So yeah I spent the entire night last night playing video games I have no job.... It really is very sad... But I hope you are all doing well and I will talk at you more soon...

Random Question of the day... I have only counted 1976 body parts... So uh, where the heck is Lever 2000 getting the other 24?????


Running for God said...

Are you so bored that you are counting body parts? Did you count the ones you never use...that is another three parts...

the sexy idahoan said...

ha ha that means i am the postman. i get to deliver your mail.i work the night shift. 2300 to 0700. we mostly watch movies and play playstation. its not a hard life. i can deal with it. you dont have your foot locker yet, do you? we dont either. rfg better hurry up, i want christimas.