Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Just A Quickie

So once again I spent an entire evening playing video games.... Oh and I want it on the record that I am not whining about my living conditions.... "Running for God" seems to think I don't appreciate my trailer I am so very happy that I am not living in my tent like so many of my unfortunate co-workers.....(like "RFG" for example, as well as the Sexy Idahoan....) I believe the Mexican has a trailer as well unfortunately the Damn Mexican hasn't felt the urge to email me.... ( I am shooting a if looks could kill vibe via the Blog) so yeah I actually did a little work last night... And I unlocked like every character in the Marvel Nemesis game I have been playing.... Man I am getting so predictable... So after breakfast I am going to watch The Bodygaurd For two reasons, the first being I can not get that darn song out of my head.... I managed to even annoy myself... And the second reason because that was Whitney prior to being all cracked out and she was just pretty as all hell... Hmm maybe I'll even go by the gym again today... I hope that everyone out there is having a blast in all the far away places... And I hope to write more tonight....

Random fact of the day: Running for God, The Sexy Idahoan, and the Mexican.... Are not my friends real names.... Their real names are much more boring than that... In all Fairness they refer to me as The Fat One, or fat guy... Or hey you... Shrug.

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