Saturday, August 20, 2005

4 could be a magic number

Ooooh aaahhhh its the fourth post this makes it all official. Well maybe not so much but it makes it new.... So like a ton of things have happened since I last posted but none of them really have any precedence. The ceremony went on with out a hitch it was very long and very boring but we survived. I even managed to keep most of my sarcastic comments to myself. Lets see I 've seen a lot of movies... 4 brothers was awesome.... Deuce Bigelow not so much. It was funny but entirely too short... I'm going to see The 40 year old virgin tonight... Hopefully that will prove to be worthwhile... All of my circle of friends are now officially gone but some of them should be On their way back soon... I am now acting Squad leader and occasional Plt Sgt.... Leadership roles all that really means is if someone is in trouble or needs help I have to wake up and go get them... How much fun is that??? So we have finally finished packing all the 20 foot connex's that will meet us in Iraq.. We did blocking and bracing yesterday making sure nothing would shift during shipping.. That was a long 9 hour day using 2x4's at odd angles and lots of nails that will not be any fun to take apart... So Iraq is becoming more and more real... Its No longer; as far away as it was in march (which I see is obvious but in march it seemed as though we still had so much time and now it seems as though we have none at all... Sigh...) I am trying to plan what I want to do when I come home four mid tour R & R I'm thinking like a cruise or a trip to Orlando, FL... All the fun theme parks are there.... Any suggestions??? My brother Trey went to Jamaica... But I mean I don't think I'm really cool enough to be able to kick it there you know? So there isn't too much going on other than the obvious little worries of predeployment... and I'm a little bummed my friends have all vacated.
Random thought of the day: why does one park in a drive way, and drive in a park way????


Annie huang said...

Hey James,
Just wanted to leave you a line. Glad to hear that your chin is up in light of the deployment. Know that you are in my prayers.

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Freddy said...

Came across your blog randomly and was really impressed by your spirit in the face of something I can't relate to - mind you I'm from Belfast Northern Ireland so we're pretty used to violent situations - less so now. Anyway all the best in your duties and feel free to call by my site any time.


Anonymous said...

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M E Hunt said...

Wish none of you men and women had to go.
Take care,

from a 'Nam era vet,

me hunt

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Tiffany H said...

Hi Adam!!

Just wanted you to know that you are in my prayers. Email me sometime when you get a chance. Its been a long time since we've talked. God Bless!!

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