Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Command & Responsibility

I'm thinking that I need a disclaimer for this blog, it has the potential to become my piss and moan box.... So I apologize if I ever come off as a whiner... For the most part I'm really not a whiney kind of guy... Emotional yes... I've heard that I'm sorta fem as well... eh shrug... I think I'm unique and perfect just the way I am.... Hmmm well not perfect but I'm unique anyway... grin... So the last couple of days have not yielded too much excitement, I took Nestor to the Airport as I said I would... And slept in as I new I would... grin... We have learned new ways to slack off at work recently.... I think they feel bad for all the work that we will be doing in the sandbox, so they have been giving us an obscene amount of time to ourselves.... Today was not so great and tomorrow promises to be much worse... In the Army we have rank obviously... And for some reason when ever one or more of the higher echelons does something more exerting then wipe his or her self they feel the need to have a huge ceremony where they can talk about it amongst others of their rank above and below. I promise this will start to make sense as soon as I stop babbling the long and Short of it is: Our Colonel (officer) and Command Sgt Major (Enlisted) are both going to a new place so we are getting a new Colonel and a new Command Sgt Major .... Now this is how I fit into this little celebration all of the people in my Brigade (around like 600 hundred soldiers give or take) have to stand in formation and perform D & C (Drill and Ceremony, ie marching) while the new and old leaders give their speeches its actually fun to watch, it looks all professional and everything. It's just a drag to be in the midst of it... Today was the rehearsal and tomorrow is the actual Ceremony by the by the name of this little shindig is the Change of Command And Change of responsibility Ceremony... Wow so how bored are you at this point??? On the funnier side of things today during rehearsal I made fun of A high ranking officials home state.. (Alabama) directly to the official... I got some laughs mainly I just got push ups.. I saw Must Love Dogs... again today with another friend of mine (female type) it is an excellent movie... Although it makes me kind of worry about on line dating....

Random thought of the day... Everyone thinks their a good kisser, but I have references

... grin

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Annie said...

Who are your referencees?