Friday, February 25, 2011

52.8 ME, Me, Mouse Ears

Being an honest to goodness adult can be tricky at times. I don't feel any more responsible then I did 15 years ago. (though most would testify I was a much more mature 16 year old child than I am as a 31 year old adult.) All that said, I have grown up responsibilities now. I have a wife and very soon we will have a home to ourselves.

Helen and I both hope to live in Brighton some time in the future and we are both constantly looking for opportunities to make that hope a reality. I was gutted last November when two weeks before my VISA was approved a job came up in Brighton that would have been ideal both for my previous experience and location, location, location. The closing date for said job was three days before my VISA was approved.

The job is roughly summarised as an adult moderator for a youth populated online game community hosted by a well known house of mouse. My duties will include but not be limited to helping parents of members in the community as well as policing the community so that it remains a safe place for the members to make friends in all corners of the world, and the freedom to play several different online games. I think.

The job has recently been listed again, and I jumped at the opportunity to throw my hat in the ring. Obviously the circumstances are slightly different. I now actually have a job for one, and scheduling interviews around my very long and anti-social work hours is no small task.

As of yesterday I have made it through three levels. (A call back after emailing my CV {Resume} and cover letter, A phone interview, and a questionnaire.) the final stage of the interview process is a 3-4 hour assessment interview in Brighton which has me stressing more than I would like to admit. I am not worried that I will do poorly I'm worried that I am so excited that I might actually get this job that I will be devastated if I don't.

I am very lucky in that I do very well in interviews, I'm likeable and have a quality that makes people want be part of the fun that is knowing me. (I'm not being conceited I have worked long and hard at being good at this, or at least giving off this vibe.) I'm also really good at using humour to deflect my nervousness. (A skill that I have been honing since I started noticing girls liked boys that could make them laugh.)

This interview is really important to me, not least of all because If I get the job Helen and I will be moving into our own place! I will let you all know how the assessment day goes in my next post, hopefully by then I will know one way or another if I will be working for the online division of the house of mouse.

Random Fact:
2,500 lefthanders die each year trying to operate a right handed device.


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I would totes hire you in a heartbeat

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Way to go!!!

We will wait impatiently for the news!!!

Love you both

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