Thursday, November 04, 2010

This thing we do...

Hey long time no talk this is mostly an update for my grandparents as I told them I would start updating this blog again a little more regularly. I am doing great life over here is a bit hectic, but I am really enjoying it, A lot has happened in the month that I have been here. Helen's sister has had a bouncing baby boy, (William Thomas Aykroyd) which I am sure you have seen pictures of by now.

As you know Helen and I contribute to an ongoing video project once a week, this weeks video fell on Halloween so we decided to make a themed video, hope you enjoy it!

Random Fact of the day:
Helen and I are heading to Brighton in southern England for a long weekend with our friends, later today!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you finally gave us an update - of course you forgot to mention 11/12/10, but, your mom had already told us about that. Please be sure to update us, with pictures, etc., after this weekend.

Please check your E-mail this weekend, just in case Gramps manages to put something together to send to you both.

Love you both

Gram & Gramps