Friday, April 03, 2009

"That Alien can Draw, Did she lick the Pineapple???"

So starting today the City of  Tacoma Weekly Chalk off has begun every friday at noon.. A group of people come together every week for about 5 months and draw different themes each week, the picture to the right was drawn by a friend of mine. Not bad if i do say so myself... Adam is an awesome artist on many levels, those of you who follow my VlogTag Collab channel on youtube may know Adam as Monday. Recently he did that Noir video that blew us all out of the water. You can watch that video here. There seem to be more interesting Videos coming from this channel every day, Every Friday we have a different Day of the week complete a challenge, Mary Kate's for this week was to create a 5 minute stop motion Epic Adventure you can follow the link here to watch that video. ( It might help you understand the humor in the video if you know that VlogSmoothie and Nerdfightastic are also collab channels on Youtube. I am surrounded by amazing Artists, and I am reminded of that on a Daily basis. While my day (Wednesdays) may not always be the most creative I am most definitely in great company.  You are all awesome and I am thankful to call you my friends.

Random Fact I have watched 4 seasons of Star Trek: ENTERPRISE in 3 weeks, I only have two more episodes... I am a little bummed. Does anyone have any TV on DVD suggestions??? 

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Bobby Jones said...

When will 7AN enter the Vlogwar '09?