Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nomadic By Nature

Aside from not posting in my blog for a week it appears the extrication from the internet didn't actually happen... let me tell you what I have been up to... It has been snowing here for the past three days... I am not amused. I have started toying with the idea of picking up and moving East, like far east, like east coast east. The few people i have talked bout this with are more or less convinced that my motivation to move is motivated with the relationship I am currently basking in. (I hate dangling modifiers and yet I use them so very often.... sigh) The truth of the matter is that while I am very excited to pursue this relationship, all it has given me is that little extra nudge to move now. I have spent my whole life moving from place to place, and to be honest I enjoy it. I honestly feel that I have been here too long. I have a nomadic spirit, that I have ignored for far too long... 
In other internet related news there is a new social networking type website that I have started partaking in... the basic idea is that you take a picture every day for a year, at the end of the year i'll probably make a video of all the pictures, but for now if you are interested you can keep track of them by clicking on the link HERE 

Random Fact of the day,
You should watch the documentary Religulous with Bill Maher it is pretty funny. 

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Laurie said...

It's funny that directly after you express your non-amusement of snow out there, you exclaim you want to move east. Haha! Believe me, there is no less snow here. I mean, right now there isn't any, but we get a lot more during the course of winter than out there. I hope you will put up with it though for my sake. <3 :)