Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sometimes I have really blonde moments

Dear AJ James,

please open the iStopMotion box. Inside this box, you will see an iStopMotion CD and a manual. Take out the manual, on its back you will find a serial number. This serial number can be used as iStopMotion license.

Best regards,

Tino Tezel
Boinx Software Ltd.

>- If you are seeking help with a problem, please describe the actions you performed:
>I purchased your software at a local apple store, and can not figure out how to install the license. >
>- What happened?
>There is no license. >
>- What did you expect to happen?
>I expected there to be a license >
>- What version do you use?
>iStopMotion 2.0.
This is an e-mail I received after writing a complaint that I couldn't register a product, I think I expected it to say license instead of serial number, man i feel dumb. I do feel I should get bonus points for being annoyed by their bad Grammar. 
Random thought.
I should probably go with that feeling. 

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