Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birfday to me!

Yep today is my birthday, and I got a letter from my Grandparents. That was literally drowning in scotch tape, Thank you both sooo much.  the cards are really sweet and the gold coins made my day, Movies here I come. thank you thank you thank you.

Random Fact
My mother's card has not arrived yet. sad panda. (she sent it it just had some issues.) 


Bill Hull said...

Happy Birthday James, glad all is well with you. So when are you going to start school? and we are still waiting for your book, Don't let your dreams die, sure don't want to see Ya working at wally World when You are 40. Take advantage of the eduction You earned. Love Ya Dude...uncle Bill

Anonymous said...

Your birth is an achievement of your mothers. Everyday you are getting older. Only two birthday celebrations are referred to in the Bible. Interestingly, each one is associated with a tragic event (see Genesis 40:20-22; Mark 6:21-27). Equally interesting is the fact that there are no examples in the Bible of any man or woman of God having participated in a celebration of his or her own birthday. Not once do we find that Jesus marked the anniversary of His birth in any fashion.
If someone you love hurts you, cry a river then build a bridge and get
over it. Chirag Chauhan

Anonymous said...

To Mr.Brooks.Can you not just say thank God you made it to 29 and Happy Birthday