Saturday, December 13, 2008

I can has heat wave?

I went to a holiday party last night, (yes i fudged the date on the post so sue me.) one where thankfully I didn't have to dress like a jolly red fat guy. The party was held at my Pharmacists house in the BFE of washington, on the way to his house in a 7 car convoy we got very lost and drove completely out of our way. The party was actually a blast, I discovered my Pharmacist and his wife (also a pharmacist) are insane. We showed up and they were dressed in what can only be described as bad '70's porn star holiday themed velour.  As I said the party was a blast after the party we trekked out in large numbers so as not to get further lost and then once we thought we knew where we were going we split up. I got lost, for about twenty minutes driving first the right way down a freeway then doubting it was the right way turning around driving the wrong way and then finally driving the right way. (all of this mind you as it is just dumping snow everywhere around me. Visibility was at maybe 15 feet.) after I dropped off the co-worker that had decided I was taking her to the party I attempted to come home. I couldn't make it up the hill. (I made three attempts.) after the third failed attempt I decided to hell with it I'll just sleep at work. this works in theory when I was a kid we would spend entire days with my mother at work and we would just crash in either pet cages,  (my two younger and obviously smaller brothers.) or on large 50 pound bags of pet food. (Usually me.) Being as my store is rather hectic while we are closed with stockers doing their best.(more or less) I thought it advantageous to attempt to sleep in one of the unused offices until I had to be at work. I managed to get an hour or two, but for the most part, wal~mart's definition of  unused is sort of like a prostitutes definition of a slow night, either way somebody got effed in the A. I found out while at work that I will be back on the overnight schedule starting tonight. My drive home was mostly uneventful I only slid three or four times. (the last of which narrowly missed an officer.) and now I have every intention of trying to sleep the night away.

Random fact: the picture is one that I took from my front door I was going to take a better one but it is freaking cold outside.  
***EDIT: I am having some issues uploading the photo I will get it up when I can. 
***Edit 2: the view from my front door... brrr. 

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Laurie said...

You will have to fill me in with the details of this blast of a party. From the way you described your hosts, sounds like something of a swingers party, although I sincerely hope not. It is 4pm here and I am still in my PJs!