Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Year of the Ox

As in the Chinese New Year which doesn't actually start until February. I am writing this post at 9:15 in the morning because I am not sure where the Day will take me, and I want to squeeze one more post into 2008. Most other Bloggers are doing year summations or top ten favorite things of 2008 lists. Obviously I am sooo not most bloggers. The past year has had it's fair share of ups and downs. I became very invested in the internet community. And more or less invested in my actual community. 2009 promises a lot of new beginnings, I hope that I have the foresight to follow the correct paths more than the popular ones. 
  The above certificate is in actuality proof that though I mostly watch web broadcasted episodes I spend a lot of my time watching television. If you haven't checked out the Show Chuck I strongly suggest you do, The show has great humor and a lot of heart. I could list a number of shows you should look into, but I wont today... Happy New Years Eve!!!!!

Random thought...
When sign makers go on strike is there anything written on their signs?

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