Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Worst First.

Last night was absolutely the worst date I have ever been on. There were mortal first date sins  committed, Obnoxious burping,  Flatulence and excessive body hair, bad  hygiene and terrible dinner etiquette and not one of them committed by me. I want to tell you more but i am exhausted.. I will give full details of the worst first date tomorrow. 

Random fact, I worked 14 and a half hours straight and I am more bothered by a 4 hour date. 

The cartoon's text reads "Your body language would suggest you're not having the best time on our first date."


Laurie said...

Sorry your date was a bad time. You can always come to PA ;-)

Hope to get an email from you at some point. But I know you're busy and tired.

aarondelay said...

I know the pain of bad first dates. It is the suxor.