Thursday, October 09, 2008

tired,full,is it friday yet???

It has been brought to my attention that I am not the best pen-pal, it isn't really my fault. I mean yes it is my fault that I haven't written but it isn't my fault i don't write every time I think about it. I'm easily distracted you see. (my younger brother refers to this as the shiny disease because when we were younger I would often wander off because something caught my eye.) I am so tired recently I can hardly make myself cook dinner let alone do anything else productive. 
     Although I did cook dinner tonight, it was good chicken, broccoli and cheese and rice, and I will probably top it off with Ice cream if i can convince my Iceberg loving roommate to turn up the damn heat.... It is so cold in my house right now my nipples could cut diamonds... (apparently glass didn't make the point clear enough.) 
  Seriously this week has been so long... is it friday yet???? sheesh

Random out of context quote from my day   " works better when it's up."

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Laurie said...

But you see, you always find time to focus on your blog and vlogs, so you really need to keep your attention long enough to actually write to your ever-admirable pen pal! Go-Go-Gadget ATTENTION SPAN! :-)