Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My Pants, My pants...

I did another interview today, this one went much better then the first, but I think in the end she isn't likely to take the job, she was an older woman and seemed bored with the whole concept. Is it bad that i have to physically repress the urge to yell "Run get out while you still can, while you still have some dignity left in those rapidly deteriorating bones!" probably best if I don't insult them with my warning, most people tune you out if you insult them, God knows I do. 

  I might be doing another youtube channel this month.I co-hosted on the vlogtag channel back in august, and the opportunity seems to have arisen once more, if nothing else it is a fun way to waste away the otherwise dreadfully long October.  

  My little brothers official wedding is coming up and it is being held on the other side of the country, I promised them I would be there but I would be lying if i even pretended that i'm not stressing over the financial aspect of it. What can I do, I gave my word, and that still means something to me. 

Random Fact: I am not wearing pants. the picture doesn't always have to have a deeper meaning sometimes it is just to catch your eye. 

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Anonymous said...

Hello AJJB,
Hope life is treating you well. Maybe you can email me. :)