Tuesday, October 28, 2008

House Guest

Last night was awesome, not only did I meet one of my favorite authors I met over 4 hundred other people as well, I am standing ovation guy.... which would make more sense if you were there, but you weren't. There were quite a few youtube weblebrities, and one guy who I have known online for about 6 months who, as I write this, is sleeping on my couch. After the show ended and we avoided the slight parking drama, (of which for me there was a lot.) I actually got to actually have a nice conversation with John Green his brother Hank and two of the five awesome girls, and one very amusing singer whose name I am currently struggling to remember. All in all The night was amazing... And you should all read John Green's novel Paper Towns. The Photo is of John Green

Random thing to ponder:
If pro is the opposite of con, is Congress the opposite of Progress?

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