Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Inventory @ Wally World

Inventory  at Wal~Mart is similar to drinking an entire bottle of colon blow and then getting stuck in an elevator. You know it's coming, you know it isn't going to go well and you are aware there is nothing you can do but hold on and hope for the best. Today started at 545 am (I woke up late.) it is 12:15 I am home from work for the second time today and I have to be back in the store at 7 am. Le sigh

I am going to post this @ 11:59 i'll let you in on a secret if a post says it was posted at 11:59 I have altered it. it's my neurotic way of knowing what i did when I randomly peruse back through old posts which I am prone to do now and again. 

Random Fact of the Day: 42

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