Monday, September 22, 2008

A day in the life

I spent my entire day convinced I was going to go home a couple hours early from work for no reason other than I really didn't want to be there. Tensions are running pretty high at work, I find it mildly amusing as I refuse to let Wal~Mart Stress me out.  

  Once I finally got home from work three hours after i had planned and an hour after I was scheduled to be off I filmed and edited my Monday video, and checked my emails and then eagerly awaited the Heroes Season 3 premier.

For some unknown reason one of my roommate decided to throw a conniption fit twenty minutes before the show, reminding me that while i am not only on the constant look out for better employment I am also looking for new residence. 

 The  Heroes two hour premier was pretty epic, interesting twists and new directions for each of the characters and an original take on the save the world plot that was starting to get a little tired and worn out. I will say that the writers have written themselves into a corner with Peter's character, i wonder how they will work that out. 

I'm not sure when i will post tomorrow as I am working a split shift and the day promises to be more aggravating then necessary.

Random Heroes Related Factoid:
There have been 4 Actors from the Star Trek Universe to have pivotal roles on Heroes 
Their Heroes Characters are 
Micah's Grandmother Nana Dawson 
Mrs  Angela Petrelli
Mr Daniel Linderman 
Hiro's Father : Kaito Nakamura

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