Monday, September 29, 2008

I laugh, others cry.

Thankfully I do not take my job seriously. If I didn't the comments i am subjected to on a regular basis would more than likely drive me mad.  I have another early day filled with annoyance ahead of me tomorrow so I will keep this brief, one day I will know all the answers... 

Random Rip off... So I assume many of you know what a Nintendo Wii is, and on that same assumption, what an X-Box 360 is. Today I received an email from the makers of the 360 telling me they were updating and redesigning their online side of the console (arguably already the best of online set ups at the moment)  and then one of the attached images of the new design showed the new avatar system which looked remarkably similar to if not a glossier version of Nintendo's Mii characters... I assume there will be much whimpering in the near future... and Hence I laugh and others will cry.

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