Sunday, August 03, 2008

Very Afraid... and Betrayed....

So I almost wrote this at 5am this morning... seeing as i was still awake... Apparently being unemployed has the interesting side effect of insomnia where i am concerned, but I wanted a clear head and did not want to go off half cocked when I wasn't completely sure of what I wanted to write... 
    I am scared to death right now... Tuesday I will officially be without income for two weeks. I have had one job or another consecutively for the last 14 years, I am one of those people that is very aware that he can not survive with out money.
    I have been applying like mad to every company that I can think of that might hire me. I have even applied to work at some places that I would rather be caught dead in. The truth of the matter is, all dignity aside a job is a job and at this point I am not in a position to even begin to be picky. 
   I sort of mentioned below that a lot of things kind of piled up on me at once and I was not in a good place two weeks ago, part of that was losing my job, and another huge part of that is the former coworker that I purchased my vehicle from (I was making substantial payments) decided that they needed the car back in order to trade it in for a more economical vehicle for the wife to drive... obviously I feel a little betrayed as I have been making 300.00 dollar payments for the last six months... there will be a picture of the vehicle that used to be mine accompanying this blog... if for no other reason then the fact that I enjoy adding pictures...
   The point of that rant is that finding a job is even more difficult now that i am with out a major mode of transportation. The Water Purifier has been very kind to me over the last couple of weeks driving me back and forth to different places and just generally being an amazing friend. My Little Brother has truly found an amazing young woman that I am very happy to call a friend as well as Family. 
   I am not really sure where to go from here... I need to find a job, any job... because the bills don't mind that you haven't been working they expect to be payed either way... Bills are so pushy... so yeah in part that is some of the things that I am currently dealing with... 

Random Fact of the Blog:
 I have found in my recent unemployment status that a small family of 4 deer enjoy the apple tree in my front yard and visit on a daily basis... I think I might start naming them... I don't have any pictures of the deer at the moment but as you can see I have started gathering the fallen apples for the Deer. 


ADO said...

Kill your former coworker! That's the way things roll here in Brazil!

Anonymous said...

Any chance that you had a signed note or written contract between you, and this other party regarding the car?
Who has the pink slip?
$1,800.00 dollars is a lot for you to send to someone and then have them take the car back.
Depending on your agreement with them, is small claims an option?
Would they at least let you use the car till you have a job again?
Good Luck!

helenzebcharles said...

Job hunting totally sucks especially when you have to do one you don't want to. But at the end of the day (I hate tha phrse - sorry) it is just for money. And other things like YT, friends, deer congregating to eat fruit in your front garden make up for what a job might not offer... if that makes any kind of sense.

Jonathan said...

As your resident law student, it doesn't matter whether there was any kind of written agreement. A breach of oral contract is just as valid in contract law as a breach of a written one.

Keep receipts for transportation. Actual damages are the key, so you won't get anything more than what you already paid and what it costs you to make up for the fact that their end was not upheld. The Court is concerned only with putting you in the position of where you would be if the contract had been carried out smoothly. But, either way, you've got a valid case.

And never ever hire an attorney that gets paid by the hour. They should only get money when you get money. Of course, you'll fork over a hefty percentage (upwards of ten to thirty percent), but at least you're gaining SOME compensation.