Thursday, April 10, 2008

A New Venue, And A Walk For MS

There has been more than one occasion where I apologized for not posting a blog within a specific time period, I actually have a valid reason for my absence of late. I have recently become addicted to venting and Vlogging. For those of you who are not aware Vlogging is video Blogging. I think the video format is an outlet that gives me an opportunity to ramble and rant the way that I so obviously need to at times. As when I am writing I tend to edit out some of the rambling, you have been warned. I can be found on Youtube (If you click the link in the title it will take you directly to the site.) I will continue to post Blogs on this page but I think I am going to change the format in which I have been posting. Instead of one long blog every couple of weeks I am going to start posting what ever issue happens to be bothering me at that particular moment. I have been perusing a lot of blogs over the past couple of months and I realize I myself am a bigger fan of those who post more frequently even if it isn’t as long they tend to be highly amusing and for those of you who have been reading this blog since its inception, I think you might enjoy being let in on some of the things that I haven’t previously felt warranted an actual blog but was something that got me thinking. Such as that two faced kid that was born in India, (I can only imagine the nightmare that will be that child’s junior high and high school years…(although suddenly my extra chins are not looking as bad. I am so completely going to hell for that joke.) I hope that you all enjoy the content and let me know what you think of some of the videos. I can honestly say that while they amuse me some of them really are just kind of dumb. But I had fun making them.
On a completely different track this Sunday there is a Fundraiser in Seattle that I am participating in with my Bank, The Funds are going to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, we have been raising money over the past month and we will be walking 4 miles on Sunday… It should be an awesome day and it is for a great cause… if you would like to donate you can head to this site and donate at will It really is for a great cause, The Bank is participating because a large majority of us are either directly related to someone with MS or know someone who has it. And that is all I have for now, hopefully I will be talking at you again sooon..

Random Completely Inappropriate Joke of the Blog:
So like how long before one of the siblings of that Indian girl with the two faces calls her four-eyes?? I wonder if they have DVD’s in Hell…

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