Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thirteen Years Later

   Hey there everyone 

I haven't written a poem in a while and this is a pretty good example of why i don't do it very often. I got the idea from an online friend of mine who is a really awesome song writer that has a page on youtube.  You can check out her page at: 

So this is loosely based on the fact that my Ten year High school reunion is coming up this June which is obviously bothering me just a little more than i would readily admit... although the last time i had a six pack was at the grocery store.  Hope you all enjoy it...

Thirteen Years Later...

Freshman year he was schooled from Home

His first Day in high school his sophomore Year... 

Freshman fears he faced on his own 

Thirteen years ago he arrived

Where Jocks and Cheerleaders thrive.

Already with their new friends and slapping fives.

They already know where you don’t want to be caught.

and where you hide when your done being taught. 

Where the druggies go when they smoke their weed. 

Thirteen years ago in memories long gone to seed.

He walks into his first class

So hard to play it cool, when 

Your lab partner has a mouth full of steel wool.

She smiles puts out her hand..

a new friend in this teenage wasteland...

Football tryouts later that day

He’ll never make the team is all they say.

She goes out for Cheer Squad...

Their laughter chases her out of the main quad...

Thirteen years later he’s heading back

A full head of hair and abs like a six pack.

His high school sweet heart on his arm 

Thirteen years later and he’s still all charm.

Her mouth once resembled steel wool...

now her smile makes most men feel the fool. 

The Quarterback is going bald and sells used cars

The Head Cheerleader knows all the local bars.

The sweethearts laugh when they think back

How life is always slow to find the right track.

A.J. James Brooks 

January ‘08    

Random Quote of the Blog:

  "You Learn more with an open mind and a closed mouth."

                  AJ James Brooks

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