Monday, June 11, 2007

I Don't Always Have The Nicest Things To Say

I am writing this primarily to get some things off my chest, first of all, if you are about to turn 19 you are an idiot. You don’t know what the hell you want, and you yes I am talking directly to you little blonde girl, If you are so angry with me and want nothing to do with me why the heck do you keep checking up on me, You know how that place is, the minute you say anything someone always goes running directly to the person you are talking about and tells them what you said, and they probably embellish because that is the nature of the beast that is the Wal~mart. NO I do not have a girlfriend and no I’m not seeing anyone. Yes there is someone that has been helping me get to and from work but no we are not more than friends. I have you to thank for that, you taught me that no one in that building is mature enough to handle a working relationship.... O'kay I have mentioned this before in previous rants... once again I am talking directly to you, If a guy is willing to cheat on his girlfriend to be with you HE WILL CHEAT ON YOU!!!!! Are you truly so disillusioned that you think you are better than her in someway, let me tell you if he wants anything more than another notch on his head board he would break up with her first. Please use that thing between your ears that seems to almost always be in a comatose state and open your eyes.
Secondly I have not done all of the things I have been accused of, but because once again it is easier for you to believe a rumor than to communicate with the source you will believe anything you hear, Nobody wants to look like scum, As an adult it is your responsibility to look at a person and try and figure out what they have to lose if their version of the story is even slightly slanted back at them. No woman in her right mind is going to admit to being kind of a tease, it might make her look bad and change your opinion of her to something less admirable. Thirdly, I am so over you! OH MY GOD! You could quite possibly be the most vain person on the planet, do you honestly think I could hold feelings for someone who was so willing to believe the worst in me with out even talking to me about it.... NEWS FLASH You dumped me not the other way around, There is no statue of limitations to how the hell I feel, Do I think you have the potential to be an amazing woman, Yes I really do, some day, right now you are just an angry little girl with only one person to focus all of your problems on. And on another note as far as the Mohawk idiot is concerned you are correct I started not liking him because of you, My annoyance and eventual hatred of him was completely his doing, even you are not stupid enough to believe that I act this way with out being antagonized. Once again of course he didn’t tell you that it would make him look bad, I am telling you this flat out, the guy is worthless I could say some further rude things but it isn’t necessary. I am truly sorry that we can’t end this relationship as friends but then I can’t say I’m surprised, I’m trying to behave like an adult. You know that writing is my way of venting, and I am pretty sure that I will get a lot of crap for posting this as a blog but the fact of the matter is if it is in writing no one can twist my words.... it’s here in black and white. I really do hope that your friend “Gump” does care for you and that he gives you whatever it is your looking for.
In other news, My uncle is getting married in a few weeks how cool is that? They are getting married on 07-07-07 at 7 pm I think that is so sweet I have always wanted to get married on a day like that. Hope you all enjoyed my rant it brought a smile to my face...

Not So Random Fact:
O'kay so I just came across this as I was looking through a book of random stories and trivia and thought it was appropriate
World Wide about 20 % of married couples are first cousins,
~Uncle John’s Unstoppable Bathroom Reader 16th edition


Anonymous said...

Well that is a younger woman for ya. haha. Go for the older woman. Sorry I missed you the weekend I was up in Lakewood.

Gram & Gramps said...

Good for you!! You put a smile on my face too!! We really need to see more blogs from you. We really miss you.

Love you.