Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Stab Wounds

I wanted to get back into the habit of posting with some sort of regularity, and it turns out that even though I just posted last night, quite a bit happened today. All the action started when I pulled up to the house at about 5:30 this evening, apparently while RFG was doing one of his Do-it-yourself projects he cut himself badly enough to warrant stitches. So RFG his four year old little girl (whom from here on out will be referred to as Rainbow Fish because it is the book she has me read to her on a constant basis.) The twerp and I all piled into my car, If I haven’t explained how I ended up with the car I will in my next blog. RFG is doing his best not to drip his slightly seeping blood on to my interior and Rainbow Fish who just woke up from a nap was pretty much annoyed at everything. Twenty five minutes later and 3 back seat drivers too many. (How sad is it that even the 4 year old feels the need to tell me how to drive?) We arrived at Madigan Army Medical Center or MAMC if you are a hipster. RFG then remembered that Rainbow Fish had a doctors appointment with in the hour. (Explain to me why you would schedule an appointment for anyone at 10 minutes to seven?) After we discovered that RFG was the only one able to take his daughter to the Pediatrics wing to see the doctor we decided to do our best and do both. So we waited in the first waiting room with a number of sick and injured people including a young girl about 11 years old who had some how shattered her shin bone while riding her bike.... Two words ladies and gents... Freaking Ouch!!!! Anyway I digress, we decided that while RFG Rainbow Fish and the twerp went up stairs to take care of the pediatrics appointment I would stay downstairs and explain to one of the nurses what was going on. So after siting down there by myself for about thirty minutes (and explaining repeatedly that RFG would be right back.) I had a very pleasant tap on my shoulder. And there standing in front of me was Tommi along with her two kids. And as it turned out Extra was there as well, I spent the next two hours trying to entertain three children as well as three adults. I think I did fairly well. I will say that keeping the sick children away from the ones who aren’t sick is much more difficult than I had ever imagined. Well it is almost 1 am and I need to get some sleep. So I will write again soon...

Not So Random Quote:
Life is tough, and if you have the ability to laugh at it you have the ability to enjoy it.
Salma Hayek

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Gram & Gramps said...

Gramps has a saying - "Life is and things happen" that he uses with most of the things that happen to us, good and bad.

It sounds as if you are living Gramps' saying -- and doing it pretty well.

Your evening at the hospital reminds me of a time when Ted and his brother both had bad injuries to their left legs that required cast like braces. Try transporting those two to the doctor at the same time. Looking back on it - it really was funny - at least I had a station wagon. What started it was even funnier (looking back on it. It was New Year's Eve, Rich was in a wheel chair with his left leg propped up - Ted rang the doorbell - he was standing on the front porch holding his left knee together with blood running down his leg - I pointed to my car (the station wagon) and got my keys - Rich called out that he would tell his dad where I was since he wasn't going anywhere that night. Initially, the doctor only heard the last name and thought that Rich had done it again and just shook his head when he found out it was his brother. I celebrated the New Year in the surgical waiting room while they put Ted's leg back together. I think that was easier than watching 3 kids at once.

Keep on blogging and smiling and remember -- big hugs are going to be on the way very soon. 15 days and counting!!

Love you.

Gram & Gramps