Friday, October 27, 2006

Casual Encounters 2.0

I had a quasi celebrity encounter yesterday afternoon. But for you to understand how awkward this encounter was I have to tell you how I found out this celebrity was going to be in my area. About a week ago I was running some errands at my PX, my old bank is there and I needed some miscellaneous crap. Anyway as I was looking through the magazine racks I noticed a poster advertising that Mercedes McNab was going to be coming to our PX on the 26th. As I was looking at the poster, I saw her name on the cover at the top of a Playboy. Turns out she played Harmony on Buffy & Angel which I will unashamedly admit I was a big fan of while they were on, at least in the beginning. She also has three horror films coming out in the next year. So as I am standing in front of the adult magazines I decided to call RFG and ask if he thought it was in bad taste to have Miss McNab autograph the Playboy. We decided that if she didn’t approve of the magazine or it’s readers she would not have posed Nude! So yesterday with Playboy in hand I walked up to her and said.... " huh, uh... huh... would you sign your naked pictures?.. huh uh huh..." I’m sure I didn’t actually say that but I am sure that is what it must of sounded like to her... She was very pretty and she even let me take a couple of pictures with her...While we were taking the pictures I wrapped my arm around her and she said I had soft hands, I muttered something about using a lot of lotion and immediately turned bright red. I really wish I had a delete button on my mouth. Luckily she laughed. I can only imagine how that situation might have turned out if she would have not been amused. Huge neckless body gaurds coming at me from all angles in a half push half tackle positions, not my idea of fun.
So Tommi scared the crap out of me the other night, I got a phone call from a hysterical 8 year old saying her mommy was hurt... It turns out she was having some major medical issues... Obviously I wont go in to too great a detail but suffice to say another friend of ours (whom I will refer to as Pink Panther from here on) took her to the hospital and I watched their kids. She is still hurting but better now. I honestly don’t know all of what caused it. But I do understand massive stomach pains, as I am a frequent subscriber to those particular issues. In other news I have been applying like mad to a whole lot of local businesses trying to find some kind of temp transition work while I attend school... as of right now I have been officially hired by Circuit City at full time in their hand held area (MP3's Ipod’s and such) and unofficially by Wal-Mart as a supervisor in the Electronics Department. Neither job is a career by any stretch of the imagination, but they will help me pay my rent and afford school and of course buy DVD’s which is obviously the most important factor. I am still putting in applications at a few other places mainly because it will help my ego if I am choosing my job as opposed to settling for the first thing offered to me. The hiring process for Wal-Mart has been no small source of amusement for me. I am sure that most of you have at least once been in side Wal-Mart and seen both the types of people that work and shop there. I am scheduled to have my third interview on Monday, they told me that basically this is the Job offer portion but what ever. On my second interview while I was in the waiting room before my interview a very skinny woman in her late thirties asked me if I was cool.. And then proceeded to snort some crack or coke or whatever from between her thumb and forefinger, If I’m lying I’m dying. She looks at me as she is wiping her nose post snort and says "....want some? It’ll help you calm down.." I told her "Thanks but I prefer injections in-between my toes... So I can hide the track marks"... She looked at me like I was a wise ass, which was pretty observant of her considering I was laying it on pretty thick. I promise you I will go postal if she gets hired over me. LOL So yeah I will keep you all updated as usual... If you click on the title of this blog you can see a pic of Mercedes McNab.
Random Quote of the Day:
I am sure you have all heard this quote before but I am not sure how many of you know who actually said it...

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.
William Congreve (1670-1729)
The Mourning Bride, 1697, Act III scene 8


Anonymous said...

so yeah pink panther says fine i wont be your friend i will only be tommis friend lol.. so anyway, thank you very much for you help we do "cherish" you hehe.. you know what i mean.

Spc. James Brooks said...

So this blog is titled 2.0 because i had to do some edits right after i published it. Now I know how Bill Gates feels every time he releases a new windows...
if the first comment doesn't make any sesnse it is because it is referring to the initial draft.

Anonymous said...

yes we much prefer the new version of your blog.. pink panther still peaved lol..hehehe. because we are EVIL yeah but you "cherish" us