Sunday, October 01, 2006

My FIrst Weekend Home...

So this could possibly be the most difficult blog I will ever write but I will get to that difficult hurtle in a minute. Being that it was my first weekend back and I had some time, I decided that I would take the trip to Spokane spend some time with Rocky and enjoy just being together. I decided to take the Greyhound, as I was also supposed to be picking up my car from Rocky to drive back to Ft Lewis. Anyway, the ride to Spokane via Greyhound is just under 8 hours long. Luckily I had some very interesting characters to help make the trip go by a little less boring. This will be the first time I will use anyone’s actual name but as I am very unlikely to ever see most of these people again it shouldn’t be a big deal. The first character I met was "Jessica Pothead" I swear her last name was something close to pot head which was pretty much dead on as it turned out. Jessica was a sixteen year old 4 foot 10 inch electrician, her father is an electrician as well and apparently she got into some trouble in school and now works full time in her fathers company, she had her little electricians licence card thingie and everything. Color me impressed. I met Jessica inside the bus station before I actually got on the bus, she was being bothered by one of the many odd people that were hanging around. I handed her my military ID and told her if anyone bothered her too much she could hang with me and I would do what I could to help her out.. On the first bus Jessica sat next to a very large woman that had been on the bus for close to 36 hours. We didn’t talk to her much, but trust me at 5 foot 4 inches and pushing at least 345 lbs. We smelt her the entire time. Luckily the large woman changed busses when we got to Seattle. As soon as we sat down on the bus we met two more interesting characters. Amanda (a 23 year old spazz, I am pretty sure she was high when I met her and I know for a fact that she continued to pop pills and drink what I think was vodka mixed into her diet coke. Sigh... ) next to Amanda was a guy who I am sure told me his name but I can not for the life of me remember what he said it was. Anyway he was supplying the vodka to Amanda and eventually to Jessica. "The Pusher" was fairly quiet but offered some weed and booze to me. I declined for multiple reasons, first and foremost, ewwwww.
Next to me was a Vietnam War Marine Veteran. His Name was Kyle apparently he was a sniper during the war. That is at least what he told me. I don’t know if I would be able to describe him in a way that would do justice to the person he was but I will do my best, He was wearing a faded button down shirt completely open with out an undershirt, luckily he was a little harry, um ewww! Faddded torn jeans that I’m pretty sure he bought around the time I was teething, and wore them every day since. He too was a big fan of uh... herbal relaxation... Grin... Told me he fought in a war where they issued weed and he believed it should still be legal... Uh News Flash "Kyle" it wasn’t legal it was just easier than telling you what to do. There were a few other characters but not nearly as entertaining as the above. There was a young African-American mother who wore a cute sweater and pair of sweats that were about a size or two too small, her two young daughters were very well behaved, if you consider a two year old and a six year old running up and down the aisles well behaved...There was also a young boy about fourteen or so by the name of John, he asked me alot of questions about the war and some obligatory DID you kill anyone questions, he lied about his age after one stop where I saw him smoking during the 15 minute stop. Said he was totally 18. Sure John... sure. Never mind the large badge around your neck that says minor... LOL. About two hours before the end of the Trip I met a Paige. By this time the bus had pretty much emptied out and there were more seats available. Paige is a pierced, tattooed 19 year old mother of one boisterous young child. She and I actually had a really good conversation. We talked about this college she goes to in Olympia and Iraq and are interpretations of the war and how it is being handled. (She supports the Soldiers but not the war.) She had something like 8 piercings 6 of which were visible, apparently she also had her nipples pierced. Which is a little odd but very cool. Paige I think is the only one I met that I would actually like to continue building a friendship. She seemed very intelligent. Anyway here comes the hard part. When I arrived at the bus station in Spokane there was no ride to speak of, which wasn’t a big deal Rocky had told me earlier that afternoon that she would be at work until 11pm and I had arrived at 945 pm,,, So I waited... met two more interesting people and gave a bum 8 dollars. The two women I met were very out there. The first was a 47 year old, that was headed to Monroe to confront her boyfriend and the woman he was cheating with. And the thirty five year old African America woman was headed back to Tacoma after spending the last three days with her cousin here in Spokane. She Letitia I believe her name was, was very surprised how nicely the people in Spokane were, she also flirted with me relentlessly, which was only mildly disturbing. "Letitia" was very surprised that the people were so nice in Spokane, and told me she asked herself repeatedly if they knew she was Black, I informed her that her skin color was a big tip. Grin, I am such a smart ass.
Long and depressing story I waited for Rocky until 945 Saturday morning she never showed. I couldn’t call her and I have no idea where she actually lives. So Saturday I mainly wandered around down town spokane until about six thirty when I decided to get a room for the night in a nasty dingy little hotel by the name of The Downtowner. The owner was very sweet she looked like a recovering crack addict but she was kind. I saw a few movies one yesterday, and two today, I even paid for one of them today... grin, The end result is I honestly have no Idea what happened to Rocky, I am sure there is a logical explanation, but the truth of the matter is that I am really upset. Which is why the movies. That is how I deal when I’m sad I surround myself with other stories. The part that kills me is after I had gotten on the bus, I called her and she asked me to marry her the next day. I just wish I understood what happened you know? Anyway I took some pretty cool pictures of Spokane, and managed to help the family of a four year old who fell off a ridiculously large Red Rider Wagon Slide. He was fine I believe he just got the wind knocked out of him. Oh and just to top off this oh so happy weekend of depressing events. As I was sitting here writing this blog The girl that I wrote the poem about im’d me (instant mesage). Just to say hi. She is doing well. Which is a good thing and the perfect topper to this weekend... I’ll write again soon....
Your sad Scribe
Not so random Quote..
Love is not enough. It must be the foundation, the cornerstone - but not the complete structure. It is much too pliable, too yielding.
Bette Davis (1908 - 1989)


Anonymous said...

Hey Spiderman,
I'm really sorry for everything that's happened this weekend. It sucks more than words can say. If ya need me to go beat anyone up just say the word ;) jkjkjk. (((((HUGS)))))
No matter how things go with this I hope things get better for you. I always have a shoulder to cry on :)


Anonymous said...

Something sounds a bit fishy with this Rocky person. Wasn't she suppose to be in Iraq as of 9-27-06? Don't get me wrong, I hope things work out for you and her. Something just stinks in Denmark! So how did you get back to Fort Lewis? And what's up with your car? Did you have to ride the bus back home? Rocky better have a good reason for what happened. If not, I would think long and hard about your relationship with her.

Jeff said...

Give Jeff and Doris a call. I sent you the phone numbers to your e-mail. You are welcome to stay with us until you get this fixed up. We are less than 2 hours south of Spokane so you won't have to go back to Fort Lewis.



Gram & Gramps said...

In case you haven't checked your E-mail - do so. We have sent 2 messages. It eases our minds to see that you have friends that really support you and are there for you.

I will send you our cell phone #'s by E-mail so you can call us any time.

Remember, what ever this is about, you can count on us.

Love you.

Gram & Gramps

Anonymous said...

I emailed you on hotmail and myspace.... I am worried about ya so please let me know if you are ok.

It seems to me by reading your myspace and blogspot comments you have a lot of friend and family that love you very much. PLease remember that.


Anonymous said...

So Rebecca, what do you have to say for whats going on?!
Is this a game for you?
I really hope this is all just a sad mistake,or bad communication.
James has really sounded happy, and deeply in love with you. I hope you have more class than the way things are sounding right now.

Anonymous said...

HEY WAIT... Rebecca, aka ME is a penpal that was hooked up with James through "Adopt a Platoon"... I AM NOT RACHEL...That is another person that I don't know... There has been a mix up. I'm on yall's side..... Rebecca and Rachel I can see the similarity in the names but come on .... I'm just his buddy.

Again I am REBECCA from LOUISIANA... not phantom Rachel from I don't know where...

Sorry to get worked up but I'm a good guy/gal!!!

Dreamer said...

You got some good friends here, Darlin. Don't let Rachel or anyone else get ya too down. Just remember it's soooo her loss. There are TONS of good women out there that would love to date you. Give their right...eye tooth for it.

Anonymous said...

I am Deeply Sorry Rebecca!!! Thanks for being a pen pal!

Rocky/Rachel ... I hope your feeling the heat! There are a great deal of people who care about James!

Anonymous said...

Okay, is this Rocky person in Washinton, or is she in Iraq? What is she doing with James car if they just met while he was in Hawaii. Am I missing something here? Grams/Gramps do you know whats going on?! Does any one know whats going on!!!
I really hope that there is a good reason for this whole mix-up!

James ...we are all concerned!
I hope your okay.
Please feel the Love we all have for you!

Rebecca ... I hate to admit it, but I was thinking you were Rocky as well. Sorry!!!
Oh ... the drama!

Gram & Gramps said...

No, we don't KNOW what's going on, but, like everyone else, we are beginning to suspect something that is very upsetting to us because we love AJ (Gramps decided on that label while James was with us in Hawaii) very much.

We sent our cell phone #'s to AJ via E-mail and we hope he will call us while we are in San Jose for the next 5 days, since we won't be able to log onto his blog while we are gone.

Hang in there AJ -- only 28 days and counting, and then a certain somebody had better watch out because Grandma Grizzly bears don't like anyone causing harm to their kin any more than Mama Grizzlies do and this Grizzly will finally be living in WA at the end of this month.

We are so grateful that so many people are standing by AJ and that so much love is flowing to him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for apologizing. But it is cool, I am a tough girl so I can take it....I just hate to be associated with a person who treats people like that.

I'm just glad we all care so much about James.


Dreamer said...

I already told James but I think Gram and Gramps should know too...Man you guys Rock!! That's just exactly how grandparents should be :). Seems there's a group of people that want to turn into grizzlies over this.

Anonymous said...

dude... that so sucks about what happened!!! some people are just so rude and have no morals or values to be doing this kind of stuff!! especially to someone like you who is an awesome person, kind hearted. hope you got this mess cleared up. hope all is going good. ttys

dr. fish