Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Voyage Home

So I am currently sitting in the kitchen in the house that my roommates and I will share. It is 2:58 in the morning and I wanted to be sure that you all knew I made it home safe. The trip home was largely uneventful. RFG, Barbie The Mexican and I decided to not sleep the entire time we were in Kuwait, which turned out to be close to almost sixty some odd hours of varying amounts of stupidity... We mainly played board games or played cards, man oh man did we play a retarded amount of Pictionary, and a lot of pool. We played like a total of almost thirty games of pool and the Mexican and I started to get pretty good. Well we were so tired that we at least thought we were doing really good. We did anything and everything we could to whittle away the time in hopes that we would sleep most of the 22 hours of flight time. It worked for Barbie And RFG they hardly moved unless we were refueling the mexican and I were not quite as lucky but we did get some sleep.
So it is official we are home in one piece. I have survived yet another year in that horrid country and lived to bore all of you with the tale.
I would like to point out that this welcome home ceremony went better than the last. Although there wasn’t anyone there for me directly I was greeted warmly by RFG’s Wife and daughter as well As Jeff & Doris (good friends of RFG’s) so that was nice. I am a little bummed as I write this latest installment as the one person I had hoped would be here was not able to be. Obviously I am referring to Rocky or "Squeakers" as I have taken to calling her. She will be leaving for Iraq tomorrow. Sept 27th 2006 I think that I will continue to write the sandbox files while she is over there as I will be in a different position during her deployment. Instead of the one living constantly in danger I will be the one fearing for her everyday. Luckily I have a better grasp of what she will go through on a normal daily basis and hopefully I will be able to help her out with anything she might struggle with during her deployment.
Well I’m wiped I will write you all again soon... but until then Yahoo Free at last! Thank God Almighty I am free at last!
Quote of the Day:
"In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved"
Franklin D. Roosevelt:


Dreamer said...

Welcome home Bro

Gram & Gramps said...

Welcome home!!!! We are so glad that you are back, and in one piece!!!

Your reunion with Rachel being delayed is a real bummer --- but --- you will both get through this and probably be stronger for it.

5 weeks from today!!! It doesn't seem possible that we will actually manage to get everything done in just 5 weeks -- especially since we go to San Jose for 5 days a week from tomorrow so that Gramps can compete with his chorus.

Just before the movers pack everything up on the 26th of October, we will send out a bunch of E-mails with our cell phone numbers and our P.O. Box address (which we have already. We will not have E-mail again until our shipment arrives in Vancouver and we sign up with a new servor.

See you soon!!!

Love you!!!

Gram & Gramps

Doris Ayres said...

James -

It was an honor to be at your homecoming. I still remember when Jeff and I had said we weren't driving to Colorado Springs the first time our son came home from the Sandbox. But one night I came home and asked if hed had looked at the photos on Army Times that day. Well, there was a photo of one single soldier standing in the midst of his commrades at Fort Campbell. They all had kids and friends all fighting to give hugs and he had no one. I vowed than that I would try to be at homecomings whenever possible so our young singles got the same attention.

Thank you for letting me give you such a big hug. It is truely great to have you home.

Remember to keep me informed of Squeakers address. Our group WA Operation Thank You will want to send her boxes. Also you never know what "Joke Man" might come up with.

also remember you are always welcome at our home in Richland. There is always a bed for our boys in the 528.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Mallard. So glad to hear your home safely. Sooo sorry you missed Rocky! I hope she won't be gone too long. God Bless ... let us know your new address when you can.

Much Love ... M. Duck

Anonymous said...

so im a little late on your welcome home... glad your back!! 2 years there is wayyy too long! anyways hope your adjusted to life out of the desert. ttys

dr. fish