Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Salute Her!

I am starting to think that insomnia might be a great motivator, I have slept a little under eight hours in the past three days and here I am writing all of you once again. Rocky is officially in officer in the Air Force now, that means (as she was so kind to point out to me once or twice yesterday) she officially out ranks me, and after being in the Air Force for a little over a month she makes more money than I do. I am really proud of her I knew she would be fine, but I am really happy that she stuck it out, trust me they did not make it easy for her. I am slightly bothered by the fact that today marks my five year anniversary in the US ARMY and some one who has been in the military one month makes more than I do, I am sure I will adjust. She went to the doctor again on Monday and she found out that she will be alright, she was worried that the recent accident might have an effect on her career but the Doc said most of the pain should be gone with in a couple of weeks... Talk about a relief!
There really isn’t too much going on around here, except for the fact that we are now at less than Thirty Days, Wahoo! The past couple of days we have been trying to get as much pre-redeployment tasks done as possible, in an effort to further that cause today while the night crew should have been sleeping we were forced to sit through multiple hours of briefings, I don’t want you to miss understand I am sure that these briefing are necessary and a couple of them might even be helpful, but mostly there just all Army covering it’s behind incase we come home and go all postal on our loved ones... Which we would never do, of course.
So my two team mates that are in trouble because of their party a couple of weeks ago are still waiting for their punishment, needless to say it is a little nerve racking for them as they don’t know at this point if they will be able to go back home with us. And that would really, really suck. I really don’t have too much else going on, sometime in the next couple of days I am going to have to pack up a couple of foot lockers to put in the con-nex, that is being sent back to the rear. I am going to end up mailing all of my DVD’s back home so that should be loads of fun... but at least that way they will be insured incase anything happens.

As I sit here in my room and contemplate how soon I will be home and with the woman I love in my arms, it is mind blowing to say the least. It is a little daunting but I think in good ways mostly. Once I get back I can start applying to some colleges and get started on trying to get my teaching certificate, I can hardly wait. Well I’m going to cut this short as I have to be getting to work soon. I hope that you are all doing well, I will see you all very soon.

Random Song Lyric of the Blog....

“ Every day I fight a war against the mirror, I can’t take a person staring back at me... I’m a hazard to myself, Don’t let me get me.... I’m my own worst enemy, Don’t want to be my friend no more, I want to be somebody else ”...
P!nk Mizzundaztood
31 days and Counting.... until boots on ground in Washington State!!!!!!!!


Mr. Brooks said...

The count down begins. Good for you.

Gram & Gramps said...

Yeah!! Only 31 days for you and 9 and 6/7 weeks until we arrive in Vancouver, WA. We just heard from our friends that left 5 weeks ago. Their stuff (all 11,000 lbs. in 9 big crates) arrived in Seattle on Aug. 6th but the moving people say that they don't have enough stuff to deliver to make it worthwhile to make deliveries down in Vancouver yet. Our plans for our family Christmas could become very interesting -- somehow KFC meal in a bowl doesn't impress me for Christmas.

Keep very safe!!

Hurry home!!

We love you!!

Gram & Gramps

Rach said...

Hey babe,

Wow we are under the 30 day mark..It seems like just yesterday that we were on the phone in Dallas crying...Wow alot of shit has happened and we made it through it all.. True Love is truly one of the most resilient, patient things I have ever experienced and I am glad I waited my entire life to experience it with you..I love you more than life itself..Well I got to get back to work...hehe..Slipping onto the computer on gov't time, ahhhh I love Officer life....LMAO

Thanks for supporting me and I know things have been rough so I'm sorry I havent been better at supporting you...I do love you..I always will...

Anonymous said...

Dear Malard,
Happy to see that things are going well. Rocky seems like an answer to our long time prayer for you. I hope all goes well with your return, and that your hearts desires will come true. You will make a great teacher someday. Take care! Come Home Safe!
With Love, M.Duck