Monday, July 10, 2006

Just A Quick Note

So my laptop is currently being worked on ( I am having a problem with my Itunes and one of my ops guys thinks he can fix it, even though he is taking his sweet arse time doing it, I really miss my laptop!) and I haven't very much time. I want you all to know that if i do end up going to Camp Anaconda it wont be until August and as of right now that doesn't look very likely. I am working a ton right now and have next to no time to up date my blog I promise I will do it as often as time allows, Because we are low on personnel (emergency leave, injuries and three classes have wiped almost 15 people from our normal routines) we no longer have down days. Which let me tell you is no bueno! I really haven't done much more than work recently, i have been watching the first three seasons of Lois and Clark The new adventures of Superman, And talking on the phone to Rocky every chance I get. I found out that I might be back in the States as soon as Sept 25th which would be awesome as that is about two weeks early!!! nothing is set in stone yet, and as I am sure you are all aware by now in the Army things change on a daily basis, if not an hourly one. My heart and prayers go out to Ducky and his wife as he recently had to go home to be with her due to medical issues. I also hope the Man with the big V-8 gets better soon as we miss him at work.
In other news I am nearly out of riddles if anyone knows of any websites where i can find more I would appriciate the address... hope to hear from you all soon


Gram & Gramps said...

Gee!! If you do get back to the states on the 25th of Sept. that is the day that Gramps has to report for jury duty. Gramps says that whoever it is-he is guilty. Since jury duty pays $30.00/day and Gramps earns $72./day, he will be losing $42.00/day.

The timer just bleeped - have to go get the towels out of the dryer.

Take care.

Love you so very much.

Gram & Gramps

Fred said...

By the way.....I think your last riddle answer was "DEW"

Love Gramps

Rach said...

Well Rocky sure is lucky to get all the time she does with that sounded kinda schizo didnt it? LOL Anyways hope all is well with you and I miss you sooo much and I love you...and it would be great if you were back in Sept..or like yesterday would be good too but hey ya know....I'm a brat but you love