Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Burning Desire...

There are times when I think things happen just so I’ll have a little something to write about. Don’t get me wrong these are a great help and usually prevent any unnecessary ranting. Which I am sure you have all noticed I am prone to do. Yesterday at around ten am or so we noticed one of the air force POL trucks coming towards us like a bat outta hell. As I am sure you can imagine this is an obvious sign that something bad is happening. Apparently while they were finishing fueling up one of the generators that powers one of our handy dandy security cameras, (Very cool little buggers but even I don’t have a high enough clearance to tell you any more about them.) As I was saying as they were fueling the generator some of the fuel ignited and engulfed the entire generator in fire. (Oops!) The AF guys borrowed our radio to call back to their op station and report the fire. At this point (after I took my radio from the now very nervous Airmen) I headed towards the fire to see if I could do anything about it. We had one 10lb fire extinguisher, I figured at the very least I could slow it sown a little until the fire truck arrived. As I drove closer to the fire I realized it was mo-gas that was burning. (Mo-gas is similar to the regular fuel you would put in you vehicle. And it has an annoying habit of being very, very flammable.) Not only was it mo-gas but it was a now full fifty-five gallon drum of mo-gas. Thank fully I chose to just watch it burn. The fire truck arrived about ten minutes after I did. And put the fire out. They looked a little nervous, one can hardly blame them.
I have been reading so much lately I can hardly keep my personal library stocked. I have finished all but the seventh book of Stephen Kings Dark Tower Series. As you have probably guessed finding the entire series over here is no small task. Luckily I have an intimate relationship with both my charge card and I am pretty sure that I have put at least a handful of Amazon’s employee’s children through college as they often receive my patronage. In the past four days I have read two other books the first was The Straw Men which was the first book in a trilogy. (I will receive the other two books in the same package as Book seven of the Dark Tower Series.) It was an awesome book the author’s first and a very interesting take on both domestic terrorism and serial killers. Obviously this book not big on the happy, but it was very good. I was very annoyed though when one of my favorite characters was killed in the second to last chapter. The book I finished today was very good. Body Rides a stand alone book which is a nice change of pace from the constant series I seem to constantly pick up. I could give you a gist of the whole story but I would probably go on forever basically a would be hero saves a beautiful former Olympic Silver medalist from her would be torturer/killer whom he shoots a total of four times once in the head and three body shots. As a token of her thanks she gives him a bracelet that allows who ever wears it to possess another person, possession is really the wrong word ride inside another person is really more accurate. The bracelet lets you inhabit another person and read their thoughts, emotions, feel every pleasure, pain and every inch of their body, but that is all you can do you can’t interact or influence them in any way, which our hero finds very frustrating.. Long story short the woman he saved ends up being tortured and slain that night anyway. And the adventure takes place as he tries to find the killer he though he had already killed. I don’t know if I’m really explaining it very well but it was a very interesting book. I found myself wishing more than once that I had a similar bracelet.
I love Chess. I think I have forgotten how much I really enjoy that game. I played two games today and literally wiped the board with the other player. (Modesty is a virtue that I seem to lack occasionally.) It’s funny but every time I play Chess I think of my father (Mr. Brooks). Some of my favorite memories of him are sitting at our coffee table in that hideously pink house. (The house was great ,the color was atrocious!) Playing this old game of kings. He used to beat me every single time, it made me crazy, but it was really the best of times. And as fun and sappy as that was I’m going to end this before I start telling you how he made the old truck dance on the freeway. Hmm memory lane is never as far away as you think.

Riddle Me This:
The answer to the previous riddle:
An Umbrella

And today’s long winded riddle is as follows:
We are very little creatures; all of us have different features. One of us in glass is set; one of us you’ll find in jet. Another you may see in tin, and a fourth is boxed within. If the fifth you should pursue, it can never fly from you. What are we?

James' Thought of the Day:
When life gives you lemons, throw them at people who have sugar. :)

And ofcourse the Countdown continues.....
12 days and a wake up


Gram & Gramps said...

Answer: The vowels.

Better yet, make lemonade and borrow some sugar.

Have you ever played Cribbage? It can be mind boggling at times.

We are counting down impatiently.

Love you.

Gram & Gramps

Anonymous said...


Time will Tell how well you danced this thing we call "Life".

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><


the sexy idahoan's mom said...

I am sorry that I have been neglectful with my comments. I check everyday to see if you have posted a new blog, sometimes I even check twice a day. I was really grateful for the last three blogs. (Nice to know the full story instead of it was no big deal, I'm fine.)lol. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip. I do expect to hear all of the details. You are doing a fine job!

Mr. Brooks said...

The answer to the riddle is Vowels.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Guess I should make an identity so you will know who I am when I write on this thing. I am glad to hear about Body Rides. I will look for that book. It sounds a bit like Being John Malkovich. Your dad found me a paperback copy of The DaVinci Code. I hate reading books everyone else is reading - but have to admit - consumed the first 3 chapters in 15 minutes flat! Think it's gonna be a good read. Really miss those days in the pink house. Remember playing Beatlemania? We still have it but haven't played it in years. Miss you. Hope you have a great vacation. Connie