Thursday, April 20, 2006

Smoke Breaks...

It’s funny to me sometimes how life seems to come full circle in subtle ways. There are many different ways that I could point this out. Although some of them are humorous, I am in a sort of somber mood. It has been an arduous week, and your scribe is tired. The particular circle I am currently pointing out is less of a circle and more of an observation of where I find my comfort with these soldiers, friends and strangers. My mother has smoked most if not all of my life and most of my favorite memories are times we sat and actually talked were during her smoke breaks at work. It was rarely just her and I (as most smokers have an unspoken rule that if one is smoking so shall they) but our conversations were always about anything under the sun. I honestly believe I learned more about my mother during those smoke breaks than I ever would of had we a different bonding experience, such as cooking together or knitting or what ever it is that most normal mothers and their eldest sons do together. The point is that even now some 5 years after the last time my mother and I sat out in front of her shop on any regular basis she smoking and talking with friends and me listening with earnest and doing everything I could to get a smile from the group. (Have I always been the clown?) Every time I see a group of smokers enjoying their vice I think of the time my mother and I spent together. The reason I bring this to your attention now is that I have found myself part of another group that does a similar thing, (though all of these smokers are male and a majority of them are smoking heavy scented cigars) Once again I am not smoking. I never really had a taste for it. I do how ever enjoy the camaraderie that is slowly building between us. Every night after what recently seems to be our unending days, we drop our protective gear and gather out in front of one room or another and sit and talk about everything. Sex, as it is often on most of our minds seems to be a common topic, today the main thing that we talked about was fishing and our weapons. (Two things I know next to nothing about as the last time I went fishing I’m pretty sure my mother had dressed me that morning, and excluding my military issued M-16 I have never owned a weapon more dangerous than a pocket knife.) It seems that these two things sort of ride hand in hand and remind my fellow soldiers of camping trips with fathers and uncles and grand fathers... and fishing trips where they do nothing but drink beer and try not to fall into the murky waters below. This time has honestly become what I look forward to the entire day as it is not only relaxing but a great time to release any aggravation the day has carved into our minds.
In other news the boy with the same name as I... (or Toothpick as he has asked to be referred. Is there such a thing as reverse fatism? Shrug) has a crush on one of the Air Force females we see every morning. For some unknown reason he refuses to speak directly to her so P-Dale decided to break the ice for him. By break the ice I mean she flat out told the girl which way was up and why the wind blows in her direction. In English that means she said in a very high school manner “Hey that guy over yonder thinks you are swell.” After Toothpick found out what P-Dale did he got all butt hurt, and now wont speak to her. I have to admit the whole situation has brought a smile to my face. I had to explain my reasons for refusing to date military females today to P-Dale and I don’t think I did very well. I know I did manage to point out that I am one of the few soldiers that has been in five years with out a negative mark against him. It has always seemed to me that you shouldn’t be involved with anyone you work with. And seeing as how as soldiers we could work with anyone at any time it is just easier to avoid anything more than friendship. Yeah they didn’t buy it either. I honestly don’t remember why I made the original decision when I first came in to the Army but I know that I have only been tempted to cross that line twice in five years. The first time in Germany with the most beautiful woman I have ever known, (in spirit, personality and looks.) And once in Ft Lewis with the first girl I laid eyes on the first day I arrived. I was blessed with awesome friendships with both of these women but I would be remiss if I didn’t admit my heart (as well as other parts of my anatomy) longed for more. Carpe Diem folks... Latin is fun

I have to apologize I have been reading Stephen Kings Dark Tower series as I have mentioned and it appears that Roland of Gilead has been influencing my speech patterns. Which is why the slightly out of place words such as scribe and over yonder have appeared in this blog. It might please you to know that I have been speaking out loud this way as well, I’m pretty sure I’m making my fellow soldiers a little batty... Eh, what can you do?

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Anonymous said...

a river perhaps?

Mr. Brooks said...

a river

Gram & Gramps said...

That was too easy -- of course a river

35 days and counting -- can't wait to see you.

Love you

Gram & Gramps