Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Two Thumbs Up!

The things I find myself doing at work amazes me to no end. It really isn't a secret that I laugh like a girl. A more appropriate word would be giggle. Although you might like to know that, if properly motivated, RFG does giggle as well. Last night was our first official day with our new duties and as I have mentioned I am working nights once again. (I have decided that I must be more appealing at night.) It turns out that our new little duties our not nearly as severe as we were made to believe. Which trust me is a good thing. RFG and I (along with two other soldiers that were on our shift) primarily played cards all night long... We played so many different card games that I couldn't begin to mention them all... Although there are a couple that are worth mentioning. For example after a very long and drawn out game of war. (Where RFG tried cheating and in complete duress I lunged over the table more than once to steal the necessary cards...) That guy always wins... As I was saying after our epic game of war we played Go Fish. And it sent us into hysterics. We also played this game called Golf. It was tons of fun... Aren't card games fun? I also had the chance to work with our new senior NCO. Whom I have decided loves to hear himself talk, about anything and everything. Although I am starting to think that that is more common ailment with the more rank that one acquires. I have noticed that outside of my shifts at work and the punishment I take at the gym. I have become a sort of hermit. All I do is sit in my trailer (my personal trailer, he he he) and watch movies. One day I am going to realize my dream of becoming a movie critic. How awesome would that job be... Maybe after Ebert starts reviewing movies with Siskel again (Siskel is dead folks) I can sit next to Roeper on the balcony. Maybe I will one day have a famous thumb... Infact I just finished watching a Show called Firefly. It was unfortunately cancelled after the first season but it was a great show. It even spawned the movie Serenity which sort of served as a goodbye for fans of the show. It was truly a great show that just didn't find its fan base until it was already too late. As of right now I am watching Herbie Fully Loaded. Because I don't mind watching Lindsay Lohan run around for two hours... But then who does?

Random bits of information about yours truly:

I own seven, count them seven different pairs of Spider-Man boxers.

A select group of people refer to me as Captain Save-A-Ho. Due to my constant and never ending drive to save and or help every girl I know.

This blog was started for a lot of reasons, but the Idea came from a Hilary Duff movie. Her character narrated the movie through her blog. (The Perfect Man)

At last count I have bought over one hundred and thirty movies since I arrived in the Middle East.

My secrets are fewer than most, but tend to be larger than many.

In the last eight years since I have graduated high school. I have spent more time in Iraq than anywhere else I have called home.

And last but definitely not least I have two of the nicest, kindest grandparents that anyone could ask for. And I have never even met them face to face. A mistake I plan to rectify in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Explain Grandparents

Gram & Gramps said...

Oh, we can hardly wait for the explanation. We both laughed over the above comment.

Would you like us to try to make that an even dozen of Spider-Man? What size?

I think we will add to your game collection. You will absolutely become addicted to the game we are going to send you. When Gramps first taught me the game we sat up all night playing. Good thing it was a Friday night and we didn't have to work on Saturday.

Lots of love. Keep safe.

Love Gram & Gramps