Monday, February 27, 2006

I Have Layers...

I think I have finally figured out why the Air Force personnel are always so unhappy with the Army camps. I have been here a little more than four days and all I can say is wow. To be honest it is not as "hooked up" as it has been said to be. But it does have its little upsides. Take today for example. A beautiful woman put her hands on my nearly naked body. Which when I put it that way makes it seem dirty. I had a massage. It was a great massage, although there is no such thing as a bad massage. And it was nice that she was Asian and incredibly gorgeous, (this may not be known to everyone but I have a total addiction to most women of Asian descent) infact now that I think of it, I like ethnicity in general. My last couple of love interests have been of one ethnic descent or another. Ah diversity life’s little gem. I am such a tool. As I have said I have been here a couple of days. And I haven't done anything yet. I have gone to the gym, I have a new work out plan that RFG has come across. (Which I have decided to hate more than the previous work out plan) It bothers me some times that I am so big. Today while I was having my massage I happened to catch a glimpse of both myself and the masseuse in the mirror. I was easily almost three times her size. A good comparison would be Shrek and Princess Fiona, before she turned into an ogre. Hmmm Ogres are like onions... and I guess I am as well... I have layers. My first official night of work will be tomorrow. I somehow have managed to be put on the graveyard shift for the third consecutive time. I'm starting to wonder if people would rather only look at me at night... I honestly didn't think I was all that hard to look at. (On the other hand I did just compare myself to an ogre and at least half of you are still laughing at the visual.) Apparently this is only for a short time, as soon as it starts to get really hot I'm sure they will move us to days... Why because that is how they do things here. My new duties include but are not limited to, Roving Guard, lookout and basically fix it guy... should be tons of fun.... There are something like a billion birthdays between yesterday and today... so Happy Birthday RFG! To the Twins and to Fellin hope that all of your birthdays are filled with joy.

Random slightly funny but true fact.
Salt Lake City Utah consumes more Jell-o than any other place in the United States

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Gram & Gramps said...

Just come to Hawai`i - get a transfer to Schofield or Shafter or Wheeler - and you will be knee deep in ladies of Asian descent. No, you are not Shrek. Not even close.

Keep on blogging.

Lots of love

Gram & Gramps