Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year???

Happy New Year!!!! Hurrah!!!! Or whatever... So let's see what did I do on New Years Eve 2005??? Yeah I slept... From around 9:00pm until about 05:10 or so and then I got up so that I could send this out to all of you... They didn't have too many things planned this year.... I think they are having a movie night in the MWR tent, but I haven't really looked into it. Someone told me they were having a little party out in front of the D-fac. I spent a large majority of the day in the Gym. I figure I might as well end the year on a healthy note. If you consider a very large lack of any kind of normal sleep healthy. As I sit in my tent listening to ill informed soldiers shooting blindly into the darkness, it occurs to me there are far too many bullets in the hands of people that are seriously lacking the needed brain cells. I mean take the ill informed soldiers that are currently shooting blindly into the dark recesses of the night. They are only reacting to the rounds that they hear going off in the distance. Never mind the fact that the NCO in charge was informed that there was likely to be celebratory fire as it is the New Year. In true slacker form The NCO assumes that those that are under his charge are aware of the details. The truth is that nine times out of ten the soldiers are either sleep deprived completely stressed or just trigger happy, itching to have a chance to be able to say they have a confirmed kill... Yes its sick but it's real. I have this very odd obsession with shows that deal with death in someway or another. Currently I am diving into a Showtime show called Dead Like Me . The Basic premise is an 18 year old girl is killed by a toilet seat that fell from the MIR space station. After she dies she becomes a Grim Reaper... It's an odd premise I agree but it is very funny.... So yeah not too much is going on around here. Cedar II is having all types of issues every time I hear something from them it has some kind of horrible twist. Such as "Hey we got a whole bunch of equipment in, we'll be sending up to you... Oh by the way a group of the lower enlisted we're caught having an orgy they are in a lot of trouble.. te hee hee..." I really think that Cedar II is a very bad place. It is so very odd to me... We have something like 30 people around here and the worst thing anyone has gotten in trouble for is leaving a weapon unattended... Where as Cedar II has more people and way more trouble... So far to date... We have had Inebriation,(it means to be drunk) Adultery (to have sexual relations while one or more parties are married to someone else) Mass sexual infidelity (as previously mentioned) and they had someone lock and load and pull their weapon on someone else.(thatÂ’s a bad thing, nothing bad happened, She calmed down. Apparently the victim had been pushing her buttons and had hit a raw nerve. The guy is not my favorite person, it's no excuse but the guy is scum) thatÂ’s just the crap that I hear about being up here... Suffice to say..Badad people are everywhere...I am writing this before I go to sleep (It is 8pm right now) and I will send it after I wake up I hope you all had a wonderful New Year....

Random Quote of the Blog:
"Isn't stealing from dead people kinda tacky? "Georgia” Ellen Murth - Dead Like Me

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Gram & Gramps said...

Happy New Year to you too!! We just came back down from the roof after watching the fireworks show from the harbor. They have a barge in the harbor off of the Aloha Tower and shoot the fireworks from there. It's nice to be able to just go up on the roof and watch. It was kind of cool tonight and we are finally getting a few trade winds back so some of the smoke is being blown out. We'll go to bed after the noise quiets down. They can keep playing with the firecrackers until 0100 so they have over 30 minutes to keep at it.

I made "Hoppin John" (a special dish with black-eyed peas, jalapeno peppers, rice and ham hocks) this afternoon so we will have that for our New Year's Day special meal and then take some to friends on Monday.


Gram & Gramps