Friday, October 21, 2005

Soldier on the move

Well your favorite blogger has officially landed in Iraq... oooh ahhh... so currently we don't know where our final destinations are. We are supposed to find out sometime later today. The Plane ride here was uneventful although there was a lot of things happening before and after the flight... our team was split into different groups and then they were each assigned a different flight... and in true military fashion someone of higher importance took precedence over one of the flights and jumbled the whole system. Which translated to we still have some on ground in Kuwait... Only one out of my little group was affected by the whole snag, but my feeling is that it is one too many... So mainly all we have done since we touched down is watch movies and go to briefings... today was chalk full of very boring briefings. and one action Movie... I made the Mexican and the "sexy Idahoan " sit thru a great chick flick last night. It was in theatres a couple of months ago... The Perfect Man With Heather Locklear and Hillary Duff... it happens to be the inspiration for this very blog. I suggest to all you ladies out there to check it out it really is a great mother Daughter flick... Needless to say i was verbally flogged for making the guys watch it. Shrug... I will expose them to more than sports if it takes my dying breath. So here is a slightly morbid thought The Mexican and I were talking about earlier There is a track on the post i am currently on and it is named after a Soldier who passed this previous year and as we were walking back from chow at lunch today I begged the Mexican to make sure if God forbid anything happened to me not to let them name an exercise field after me... (you can't get much closer to the opposite of my me memory) So he swore he would dedicate a theatre in my name... time is short more when I am able....

Random thought of the blog.... Sand reflects darkness almost as well as light.... shrug...

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Anonymous said...

Good luck, James. May the time go by quickly and you come back safe and sound.

Hate that you folks are there, but maybe we, the people, can get you back sooner rather than later.

Best wishes from this vietnam-era vet,