Sunday, October 16, 2005

Short and Sweet.

This is going to be pretty brief. I just returned from a two day training exercise. We practiced and learned a lot of new and familiar techniques. We had excellent trainers (most of them were retired Soldiers of one degree or another.) We actually had a lot of fun it really was possibly the best training i have had in the four years i have been in the Army. Now of course there were some mishaps... Soldiers shooting live rounds in not so happy directions, Soldiers breaking down and full tilt weeping about how they dont feel like a person because of the way they are treated. and of course a lot of frustration over the whole hurry up and wait. by the way we do that a lot and we have since we first joined, at first we thought it was just a new soldier hazing kind of thing but it turns out the entire army is run in the same manner. Which i like to refer to as Bass Ackwards... just so you know there were not any serious injuries... there were a couple of Brass burns (when a spent round that is evaucuated from the chamber lands on exposed skin) and one 9mil bolt injury uh watch CSI they explain it way better than i could. so yeah more in the near future....
Random Thought of the Blog: male peacocks are the pretty ones.... who knew... :)

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