Monday, October 17, 2005

And now for something completely different.

I'm starting a pattern that I hope to avoid in the future, I am sorry but once again I don't have all that much time to write as much as I would like. So I believe we might experience our first Sandstorm in country in the near future. Obviously it wont be my first ever sandstorm. As for a lot of people this is a very bad thing. The sand over here is truly a living thing... I often think of The Mummy movies when ever the mummy was trying to attack you would see the huge wall of sand and his face in the sand... The last time I was here we had some truly vicious storms... Apparently we aren't in the season for the really bad ones but we are heading into the rainy season. Oh Joy... This entire country becomes one giant mud hole not as fun as it sounds... If you would like to do an experiment get yourself some flower, powdered sugar, brown sugar and regular granulated salt... Mix it all into one big light brown mess and then get it wet and watch what happens. No really right now get off your lazy bum and go do it. It's your house you pay the bills have some fun with the stuff no one else is obviously going to need. So yeah I cleaned my weapon last night and againthis morning it turns out... No matter how many rounds you fire your weapon is destined to et very very dirty... I always try and be like Gump and take my weapon apart all fast... But it turns out there are a lot of little tiny pieces that go missing and are a pain in toucous (it means butt) to find. If I lose them I can't fire my weapon and then I can't defend myself and others when and if it is necessary... So no fast taking apart and putting back together in real life. So yeah everyone is once again waiting on me... So I have to make this short. Apparently I have been losing weight out here so I guess that's good maybe I'll find a nice girl during leave... A pleasant thought.

Random thought of the day... Apparently I am very well liked in this unit... Who knew???

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