Thursday, October 27, 2005


I think I fell into an exhaustion coma yesterday afternoon. I watched The Bodygaurd, went to the Gym, again. On purpose again. And then I after I took a shower and turned in my laundry it was 300 pm I didn't want to be late again so I thought it would be a good idea to go sleep in the office... I WAS SO VERY WRONG. There are not very many of us here at Duke but somehow I managed to be with one of the people I religiously avoid under normal circumstances. He isn't in my platoon so normally I don't have to put much thought into avoiding him, but alas he is in maintenance and was assigned to help us with our pumps and fork lift, or whatever. Now don't get me wrong he really isn't all that bad a guy.... He is however a very typical guy. He is very loud and very opinionated and refuses to admit when he's wrong... ( we have had a run in or two in the past) regardless I'm not defending my dislike just trying to help you understand it a little better. The point of the matter is that the 4 hours that he was there he did nothing but make obnoxious noises and try and wake me up... Much to my credit I ignored him... But let me tell you I was seething..... Anyway after he finally left I slept a good 8 hours solid..... And now the vicious cycle will repeat itself once again.... So on to happier things... As I was in the shower yesterday I realized I'm a primper... I was in there forever, it wasn't as though I wasn't doing anything, quite the contrary... I showered, and then did my facial wash, and then I put on lotion, and then I shaved.... At least I didn't pluck my eye brows... (which reminds me I haven't done that in ages I look like a Marx brother for crying out loud...) So officially I shouldn't be here too much longer. Someone way up high decided the civilians could do our job and so we get the metaphorical boot. I haven't decided whether or not I'm happy about this latest development... On the upside... Certain individuals well be getting on my nerves a lot less. But they wont have trailers where I will end up, and to be honest I am sick to death of all this moving nonsense... Just stick me somewhere already.... Don't fret, the Address will stay the same...I was wondering if anyone has any questions for me??? Feel free to leave them and I will be sure to answer them in the the next available blog... Well I'm off to breakfast... And then a movie and the gym... And then a shower... How exciting am I???? Carpe Diem

Random thought of the day: Smile you never know whose day you might make a little brighter, and if you don't want to smile... Shame on you..... I'm telling.


running for god said...

If I told you once I told you a thousand times, while in the shower you need to wash it, not play with it. Cuts shower time in half

the sexy idahoan said...

being half the size also cuts shower time in half, by the way, all primpers are gay,... or girls. ha ha