Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Roommates Rant

So I think I might be the worst blogger in the recent history of bloggers, how often do I post? Once a week if even that.... It isn't that my life is all that busy really, Well that isn't true my life is very hectic. I think that I worry about boring all of you out there all though I'm not altogether sure that there are that many who actually read this blog, I don't want it to be a bore. I'm gonna cover some adult material for a second so if you are not of consenting age please skip down a few lines. I have a little less than two weeks left stateside. We are to be boots on ground in early Oct. My roommate has taken this to mean he has to bed every available female he can get his enormous .... Eh.... Hands on. Now that is altogether fine I understand the whole, while in Iraq sexual relationships are verboten (Deutsche or German meaning forbidden, and you thought you had stopped learning) and you need to get while the getting is good. I get that I do ... My problem is that he doesn't care where (I came home from a movie about three weeks ago and he was fully making out on my bed) or when (the night before last it was well past three a.m. and their labored breathing woke me, can I say ewwwww) he is accomplishing these conquests. I mean I haven't so much as kissed a girl in the room and especially not while he was there. Am I over re-acting? I know that roommates often face little snafus like this but isn't there like a code of ethics? So that's that for now, I think all of you out there looking for a great date movie should go see Just Like Heaven It's Reese Witherspoon's newest chick flick... I loved it. The premise was cute and imaginative... And did I mention that Napoleon Dynamite kid is in it???? Paul heder I think his name is... Any way go see it. So this next week is going to stink because all the false bravado from the newbies is fading and the very real idea that we are actually leaving is starting to set in. We have a deployment ceremony tomorrow ...Oh yeah can you feel my enthusiasm??? No? I didn't think so... Who would of thought there would be so many military ceremonies while in my fifth year of Army servitude... So my food has been delivered McDonald's who knew? Hope you are all in good health...
Random thought of the day: Chicken is the new pork.

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