Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snowed in? He Said, She said

Happy New Year!!!!!
So if you haven't noticed I haven't been updating this particular blog very often. I don't mean to ignore it. In all honesty I have been very busy. In the time that has passed since my last post, I have left the country once again. I am currently living in England. I have had a truly beautiful British X-mas, and I have made some terrific and wonderful new friends. I am currently in the very real likely hood of being snowed in. A rather unfamiliar and thus poorly planned for occurrence in Jolly ol' England.

In more exciting news Helen and I have started a blog together, It is a different format than this one, as for the most part it will mostly consist of Movie and Television reviews, and the occasional theatre review as they are relevant. Just click the link He said, she said and it should take you right to it. the actual address is If you prefer adding it to your bookmark lists. It should be a fun thing to read as the subject matter involves film, which is something that Helen and I both truly enjoy.

I promise I will continue to update this blog, and if I can find the time it will be at least weekly. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic New Year....

Random Fact: The number of days of snowfall and snow cover varies enormously from year to year. At many places in lowland England in the last fifty years it has ranged from none at all in a number of winters to in excess of 30 days during the winters of 1946/47 and 1962/63.